Aurélie Pétrel continues her work in residence at Villa Kujoyama

The need to move from a singular identity to one of plurality and metamorphosis is one of the fundamental convictions of my work.

A contemporary artist specialising in photography and image processing, Aurélie Pétrel is interested in the transformation of photographs. Across her work, she seeks to apprehend the photographic image in order to understand it better and create an experience for the viewer. She is also a teacher, and is currently planning her next exhibition, scheduled for autumn 2023. 

Updated on 02/08/2023

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Born in Lyon in 1980, Aurélie Pétrel lives between Romme, in Haute-Savoie, Paris and Geneva. Specialising in photography and sculpture, since 2001 she has concentrated her photographic practice on six cities: Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris, Leipzig, Montreal and New York. She sees these spaces as the starting point for a field investigation into the potential of the image, to which she added the village of Romme in 2015. She graduated from the ENSBA in Lyon in 2006, before moving on to sculpture and photography. During her career, she has experimented with a wide range of photographic techniques, from the flatness of prints to their activation in volume on the scale of a building or in autonomous installations. 

Since 2012, she has been teaching in Geneva as an artist and head of the Photography Pool at the Haute École d'Art et de Design (HEAD). In 2018, she became programme manager at the Laboratoire du Collège International de Photographie du Grand Paris (CIPGP). Subsequently, she has developed her artistic work and regularly exhibited in France, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Canada and Japan. At the same time, she began collaborative research into theatre and photography with Vincent Roumagnac. 

Aurélie Pétrel explores the photographic image, its modes of production, its (re)presentation and its activation in the form of installations. She chooses to work with the photographic act in movement, where she can take her experience and thoughts on a journey. Aurélie Pétrel's research is largely concerned with the long term, restoring the slowness of the image making process. She is interested in the notions of 'latent shooting', 'photographic partition' and 'situated image'. 

Through the devices she designs, Aurélie Pétrel imagines the available space as an exercise in construction in which architecture is part of a multiple and layered experience of vision. Her aim is to explore the issue of mutation of an image, and to observe the disturbance it can cause in the experience of multiple perception. 

Aurélie Pétrel was awarded the Prix Charles Dufraine in Lyon in 2004, followed by the Prix Pézieux in Lyon in 2006. Her work features in the collections of the Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne and the Centre National d'Art Moderne in Paris. In 2022, she took part in the 16th Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale with "Manifeste de la fragilité", which she exhibited in three of the Biennale's eleven venues. 

A former resident at the Villa Kujoyama, she will be in residency in Japan again this year with Vincent Romagnac. In autumn 2023, Aurélie Pétrel will present her next exhibition at the Galerie Valéria Cetraro in Paris - Ekumen, pièce photoscénique n. 3, acte 2 scène 8, mondes. 

  • 2011


    Aurélie Pétrel presents the "Ricochets" exhibition in Shanghai.

  • 2018


    Travels to New York, where she brings her "Tracks" exhibition.

  • 2022


    Takes part in the 16th Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale.

  • 2023


    Residency at Villa Kujoyama, Kyoto.

  • 2023


    Aurélie Pétrel unveils her new exhibition at the Galerie Valéria Cetraro in Paris.

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