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Camille Duvelleroy

Everything I'm doing, I’m doing for the first time. What a great job!

Interactive stories are now part of our daily lives. To come up with and create them, authors with a range of technical skills like Camille Duvelleroy must be imaginative and inventive.

Updated on 18/11/2021

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Camille Duvelleroy is a screenwriter and creator of interactive stories Her professional life changed radically in 2010: after six years working at digital communications agencies, she came up with the narrative structure of Addicts, Arte's first work of interactive web fiction, and directed its production by the agency Websiteburo.

Since that day, Camille Duvelleroy has worked exclusively in original, transmedia creation. In 2018, her interactive documentary graphic novel Panama Al Brown, the result of a collaboration with the author Jacques Goldstein and the cartoonist Alex W. Inker, was published by Arte. These creations sit at the intersection of fiction, comics, animation, documentary, social media and virtual reality. Camille Duvelleroy has two favourite topics, discrimination and love, and one obsession: putting stories on our phones.

“Looking for stories? Welcome to Super Simone! ": this is the tag line of Camille Duvelleroy's website, which also features the following in the legal notices: “Tous les droits sont permis” (“No rights reserved.") Wit and mischief are par for the course for this unusual author, whose pseudonym and photo on the homepage belong to her grandmother because, she says, “I like the contrast of an old lady and “new” technologies. "

Camille Duvelleroy writes stories which include the viewer’s presence in the narrative, gathers playful ways of creating interaction, then thinks about the interfaces which will convey the story before figuring out who she’ll work with to create it.


The majority of Camille Duvelleroy’s creations are in French, but sometimes she lets herself tell stories in other languages, for example Spanish for the Instagram story project La File La Fila – Hacking Instagram (2018) which she created during an artistic residency in Buenos Aires at the end of 2018.

The author is working on several releases for 2020, including a work of fiction for social media, J12, which deals with a couple who want to have a child, and a virtual reality documentary about prehistoric women's lives, the title of which remains a secret for the time being.

  • 1989


    Camille Duvelleroy's family acquires an Amstrad CPC 6128 computer for Christmas: a “telling” date for her and her professional future.

  • 2008


    Camille Duvelleroy posts her first content on social media.

  • 2011


    Camille Duvelleroy co-founds Once Upon with Méline Engerbeau, a cross-media construction workshop which produces web documentaries, transmedia fiction and interactive stories.

  • 2014


    This writer and director of interactive stories chooses professional independence, moving all future work to her website Super Simone.

  • 2018


    Her interactive documentary graphic novel Panama Al Brown, produced by Arte-Bachibouzouk, goes online.

The Institut français and the project

The interactive documentary graphic novel Panama Al Brown, the fruit of a collaboration between Camille Duvelleroy, Jacques Goldstein and Alex W. Inker, is presented on culturevr.fr, an Institut français platform which provides an overview of cultural innovation in virtual reality.

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