Born in 1972 in Argentina, Cecilia Szalkowicz holds a degree in graphic design from the University of Buenos Aires and is a graphic designer, photographer and editor.

Member of the interdisciplinary collective Suscripción from 1999 to 2005, she also participates in workshops for artists in training at Tocuato Di Tella University (2009-2011) and has published Script, a contemporary culture magazine distributed in Madrid and Buenos Aires, since 2007.

She has exhibited solo since 1998 ("ArtsPot" and Galeria Bond Street in Buenos Aires) but, above all, has joined or initiated numerous collective events during which she has explored the possible uses of images and their role in the construction of a narrative. Like “Mariano, Gaston, Cecilia”, an exhibition, publication and public reading staged in 2005 with her partners Mayer and Persico, which features an entire year of telephone conversations.

Cecilia Szalkowicz shows work in which the staging has as much to say as the subject, in which the story is narrated both through the images and their production and exhibition.

With Approaches To A Movie (2008), she uses three inkjet printers to deliver the manufacturing process for a film not on film, but on sheets of paper; and here it is not so much the images that count as the real-time viewing of a printed creation in situ.

With Todo es Posible (Everything is Possible, 2007), the artist gives us a reflection on the possibilities of the passing time: she designs giant posters composed of two snapshots of daily life a few days apart.

A questioning of the artistic narrative that she continues with Cosmos (2019), an abstract installation composed of objects, images, sounds and lights to give a frame to the story.

While her solo exhibitions have been shown in Buenos Aires, Cecilia Szalkowicz has also participated in various group exhibitions in Spain - at the National Library in Madrid (2017) and the Parraga Centre in Murcia (2019) - in Germany, which has hosted her on several occasions, notably at her first Contemporary Art Biennale in Berlin in 2010 - and in the United States - on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles in 2017 and at the Johannes Vogt Gallery in New York in 2013.

The American public were also able to see her work in 2007 in Miami when she participated in the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation programme, which promotes contemporary Latin American art. Finally, it is in Paris, as part of her residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts, that she is developing her latest project, Cosmos.

  • 1999


    Cecilia Szalkowicz joins the artists’ collective Suscripción.

  • 2003


    For two years, she participates in the visual arts workshops of the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Centre at the University of Buenos Aires.

  • 2007


    With Gastón Pérsico and Mariano Mayer, she launches Script, a magazine devoted to contemporary culture.

  • 2019


    Winner of the Braque Prize, Cecilia Szalkowicz is in residence for six months at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.

The Institut français and the project

Winner of the Braque Prize in Argentina and of the Institut français residency programme at the Cité internationale des arts, Cecilia Szalkowicz was in Paris en 2019.

Find out more about the residency programme at the Cité internationale des arts

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