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Charbel Haber, artist in residence at the Cité internationale des arts

"Melancholy is in our DNA. In Lebanon, we live in a world that might disappear from our lives."

As a Lebanese musician, performer, artist and composer, Charbel Haber has worked in projects that combine film, video art, theatre and dance. Through his multiple collaborations, he leads a prolific career, rich in creations, where improvisation and experimentation are dominant. He is currently in residence in Paris as part of the Institut français x Cité internationale des arts residency programme.


Updated on 24/04/2024

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Born in Beirut on 1 June 1978, musician and composer Charbel Haber is the co-founder of the Lebanese post-punk band Scrambled Eggs, founded in 1998. He has become one of the leading figures on the experimental scene and has worked as a guitarist, musician and performer in numerous collaborations. In 2004, he founded the experimental music label These Kids Must Choke before becoming an active member of the free improvisation scene and joining the association MILL (Musique Improvisée Libaneeau Liban), the improvisation group BAO trio and the collective XEFM.

Concurrently, Charbel Haber has also worked under the aliases of La Chambre, an intimate electronic music project since 2001, and Kitano Home Ensemble, an electro-acoustic project since 2003. He has collaborated with musicians and artists such as Michael Zerang, Gene Coleman, Justice Yeldham And The Dynamic Ribbon, Machine and Jean Pallandre. He has also worked in the cinema with his original scores for feature films like A Perfect Day and Je veux voir, as well as in video art collaborations. 

Throughout his creative projects, Charbel Haber uses sound and image in close combination. He works to create an orchestral sound, often within a minimalist framework. In all of his collaborations, he chooses to highlight the guitar, whose sound is adjusted according to the style in question, from space rock to belly dance music and psychedelic. His musical universe highlights sensitivity and imagination, which are expressed in aesthetic qualities through his artistic encounters.

Charbel Haber has developed a creative process consisting of words and patterns repeated at will. His compositions might reflect the sadness of the world, without seeking to heal or transform it. As an artist, he strives to feature an acceptance of the ephemeral nature of existence in his works, which can take a serene form thanks to music. In A Common Misunderstanding of the Speed of Light, he offers a multimedia reflection, focusing on chronicle and chronology, the subversive nature of time.

From 10 April to 4 July 2024, Charbel Haber will be in artistic residency in Paris with the Institut français x Cité internationale des arts residency programme. Supported by the Institut français of Lebanon, he is developing his project A Common Misunderstanding of the Speed of Light, the creation of a collection of texts and images assembled in Beirut (2020–2022) to accompany his latest album, released on the Other People label. 

Through this combination of music and text, he observes the slow pace of existence and the illusion of retrograde movement in everyday life. By documenting images, text and music, he gives value to what is immortalised by this project. During his stay, he will also perform with Tarek Atoui in a series of concerts to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the EMS electronic music studio in Stockholm.

  • 1998


    Charbel Haber co-founds the Lebanese post-punk band Scrambled Eggs.

  • 2003


    He collaborates with Lamia Joreige for the first time on Sleep.

  • 2005


    He composes the original score for the film A Perfect Day.

  • 2024


    Charbel Haber is currently in residence in Paris, as part of the Institut français x Cité internationale des arts residency programme.

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