Chloé Moglia
Chloé Moglia – Horizon © Johann Walter Bantz
Street Arts / Circus / Puppetry

Chloé Moglia

The body is the means of being in the world, but also the means of being the world.

She has made the void her best ally. From the top of her unique apparatus, between a sculpture and a structure, trapeze artist and dancer Chloé Moglia invents a new relationship with the art of suspension in her pared-down shows.

Updated on 21/02/2019

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Born in Perpignan in 1978, Chloé Moglia trained in trapeze at the Rosny-sous-Bois National School of Circus Arts, and then at the National Circus Arts Centre in Châlons-en-Champagne. She also studied Tai-Chi-Chuan and Qi-Gong with Jean-Michel Chomet and Laurence Cortadellas. In 2000, she founded the Cie Moglice – Von Verx with trapeze artist Mélissa Von Vépy, with whom she would receive the SACD Prize for circus arts in 2007, while working with the Fattoumi-Lamoureux Company and Mitsou Dubois, a specialist in weightlessness.


In 2009, Chloé Moglia founded her own company, Rhizome. She continued her experimentation with gravity, integrating the practice of martial arts.


Chloé Moglia’s shows take up the performance tradition of inverted aerial acrobatics. Lightweight, poetic, drawing its power from its slowness, the perfomer’s art of suspension is based on minimalism.


In Rhizikon (2009), the artist posed the question of risk; with Opus corpus (2012), she experimented with extreme minimalism; in Vertigo (“Le Vertige”) (2012), she works in dialogue with Olivia Rosenthal, the author of We’re Not Here to Disappear (“On n’est pas là pour disparaître”) (2007) and of What do the reindeer do after Christmas? (“Que font les rennes après Noël ?”) (2011); in 2013, she designed a solo performance on a curved pole seven metres high, Horizon.


Constantly designing new types of apparatus, she brings together a team of “suspensives” (a term she prefers over “trapeze artists”) on a thin frame of steel cylinders in Risks (“Aléas”) (2014-2015), then on a spiral “sculpture-structure” in The Spire (“La Spire”) (2017).


Chloé Moglia’s shows bring together the body and the mind, deconstructing movements, offering a metaphysical approach to performance. They are informed by Eastern martial arts, which the artist considers to be the “root materials” of her art: in particular Systema, a Russian martial art based on economy of movement and relaxation, and Qi-Gong (a traditional Chinese science combining movement and breath).


A unique approach that has resonated with audiences across Europe: Chloé Moglia’s shows have been staged in Belgium, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and Portugal.



Portrait of Chloé Moglia
Portrait of Chloé Moglia
  • 1978


    Chloé Moglia is born and raised in a family of ceramic artists.

  • 2000


    A graduate of the National Centre of Circus Arts, Chloé Moglia founds the Moglice – Von Verx company with the Franco-Swiss trapeze artist, Mélissa Von Vépy.

  • 2007


    Chloé Moglia and Mélissa Von Vépy are awarded the SACD circus arts award.

  • 2009


    Chloé Moglia founds her company Rhizome, which she establishes in Brittany.

  • 2014


    Chloé Moglia creates Dare (“Ose”), the first piece for the team of "suspensives" in which she is not a performer.

The Institut français and the artist

With the support of the Institut français Chloé Moglia performed Opus Corpus in Germany in 2015 and Horizon at the Ferme du Buisson in 2017, as part of the Institut français Ateliers.


The Institut français supports the circulation of French circus arts.


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