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Corinne Linder and Fheel Concepts will perform "Hold On" in Ivory Coast

My shows aim to make people thinking about the state of suspension, which I see as a metaphor for life: the constant search for balance, with fear that is there to guide us rather than hinder us.

Circus artist Corinne Linder creates participatory shows that combine acrobatics and virtual reality, allowing us to put ourselves in the place of an acrobat. Supported by IF Export, Corinne Linder and her company Fheel Concepts will present Hold On in Ivory Coast this year. 

Updated on 30/04/2024

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From Finland, Corinne Linder began her circus career at the age of seven, and quickly learned a variety of aerial disciplines: handstand, icarian games, acrobatics on the ground, vertical rope, silk, and more. She then started a career as a circus artist and performer, taking part in numerous cabaret shows in Finland, as well as festivals in France, such as Avignon and Circa (Auch), and abroad. A finalist in the American silk aerial championships in 2015, she suffered a fall that changed her career. Following this accident, Corinne Linder decided to devote herself to artistic direction. After studying in Toulouse, she created her own company Fheel Concepts, which experiences the links between circus arts and digital arts. Her first shows, Hold On and The Ordinary Circus Girl, quickly had a huge success. 

After her accident, Corinne Linder worked in New York with the artist Emilie Baltz, and discovered virtual reality. She also met Amaury Laburthe, with whom she worked on several projects involving digital technologies. In 2019, Corinne Linder created two shows where acrobatics and suspension in the void are addressed through an immersive experience: Hold On and The Ordinary Circus Girl. The spectator finds himself immersed in the daily life of a circus company, within a set-up that alternates between the use of helmets and a rope show. "I wanted to explore", explains Corinne Linder, "the boundary between live performance, which is very warm, and the coldness of digital spaces". These two shows therefore required the development of virtual reality films, and very specific work on the sound, which enables the emotions and sensations of the acrobats to be felt as closely as possible. The result: participatory experiences that give audiences a better understanding of these disciplines, which have always fascinated circus fans. 

Corinne Linder's creations deal with the question of emptiness and falling, the possibility of an accident being a central part of every acrobat's journey. To do so, she has drawn on her own experience, as well as on a range of technologies, including sound, that enable the audience to feel the weight or suspension. Hold On is based on an attempt to capture the fragility of each moment, the tipping point between flight and fall: the show has already been performed more than forty times since 2019. This very intimate approach to the circus, based on sessions limited to around ten people each time, is also proposed in The Ordinary Circus Girl, where we accompany the narrator Anna on her journey through the air. 

  • 2017


    Founding of Fheel Concepts Cie.

  • 2019


    "Hold On"

  • 2019


    "The Ordinary Circus Girl."

  • 2024


    "Hold On" will be performed in Ivory Coast.

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The Ordinary Circus Girl is presented in the VR Immersive Experiences catalogue by the institut français. This catalogue presents a selection of original works, at the intersection of virtual reality, live entertainment and visual art, with the purpose of introducing partners of the cultural network (theatres, museums, cultural centres, art centres, festivals, shopping centres, etc.) to new kinds of shows and exhibitions. 

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