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Daniel Pescio, former resident of Villa Kujoyama

When I present projects, I like to showcase things that will bring about lasting change over time.

As an independent perfumer, Daniel Pescio has developed a unique technique inspired by Japanese traditions. After collaborating with Tom Ford, Chanel, or Dior, he seeks to evolve the codes of perfumery through innovative experiments. He currently works as an olfactory consultant for the collective exhibition "Sentience, Listening to the Scent of Color" (April 10 to September 30, 2024), held at the Abbey of Maubuisson, a partner establishment of the Villa Kujoyama, where he completed a residency in 2019. 

Updated on 27/05/2024

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Of Brazilian origin, Daniel Pescio is a perfumer who lives and works in Paris. In 2006, he became a member of the French Perfumery Association, and since 2010, he has worked for the French Perfume Editions of Frédéric Malle. At this level, he contributed to the development of the brand for five years as a sales manager. From 2015 onwards, he began crafting his own perfumes as an independent perfumer and taught perfumery worldwide. His collaborations range from Tom Ford to Chanel and Dior, as well as Prada. 

It was during a trip to Japan that Daniel Pescio discovered a different way of conceiving smell and fragrance: kōdō. This is an ancient Japanese art that celebrates scents in a silent ceremony. Kōdō is one of the three traditional Japanese arts, along with ikebana, the art of flower arranging, and chanoyu, the tea ceremony. Armed with this new concept of fragrance, Daniel Pescio returned to France to shake up the established codes in perfumery by using innovative materials and mediums. 

Since this discovery, Daniel Pescio has developed work around synesthesia, where sound can be associated with a color or a smell with a shape. He has thus materialized the smells he works with into a palette of colors whose trace is evolving. According to his own explanations, the goal is to offer scents that will evolve throughout the day and thus express, according to his stages of work, different emotions. 

Since then, Daniel Pescio has imagined exhibitions that interlace smells, objects, or sound, as he thought around oud and urushi, a Japanese lacquer thousands of years old. He has also implemented the idea of a "perfume to drink", a concentrate of flavors, composed like a perfume that awakens the taste buds. He explains that he draws his inspiration by going to restaurants or tasting unfamiliar foods in the countries he has the opportunity to visit. Currently, he practices creation and awareness by organizing discovery sessions with children and adults. 

In 2019, Daniel Pescio was in residence at Villa Kujoyama in Japan. Since March 29th and until September 1st, 2024, he has been participating in the collective exhibition "Sentience, Listening to the Scent of Color," held at the Abbey of Maubuisson. It explores olfaction through an experiential journey for a synesthetic approach, engaging all the senses. The viewer is invited to discover free conversations between the world of Western perfume and the art of incense (kōdō). 

In the context of this exhibition, Daniel Pescio serves as an olfactory consultant. He has created a piece using incense produced during his last trip to Japan. On June 8th, he will perform a piece centered around the "perfume to drink," which was the subject of his research during the residency at Villa Kujoyama. 

  • 2006


    Daniel Pescio becomes a member of the French Perfumery Association.

  • 2010


    He works for the French Perfume Editions Frédéric Malle.

  • 2015


    He starts to create his own perfumes as an independent perfumer.

  • 2019


    Daniel Pescio is in residence at Villa Kujoyama, in Japan.

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