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Through our work, we attempt to facilitate the dissemination of alternative narratives to the dominant technopositivist utopia.

For nearly a decade, the artist and researcher collective DISNOVATION.ORG has been working to deconstruct an overly idealised vision of technological progress. 

Published on 14/12/2021

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The working group DISNOVATION.ORG was founded in 2012 by the artists Nicolas Maigret and Maria Roszkowska. They were joined in 2018 by Baruch Gottlieb, a digital artist and member-curator of the collective Telekommunisten. They express their research through art installations and by publishing articles and books, creating websites and organising events. 

DISNOVATION.ORG’s main angle of approach is to challenge the myth of innovation and technopositivist ideology through works that create alternative narratives and unpack the dominant discourse on progress in the Anthropocene Epoch. They recently published The Pirate Book (2015), an anthology on media piracy, and A Bestiary of the Anthropocene (2020), a compilation of the hybrid creatures, at the intersection of biological and technological life, which populate our world. 

Through exhibitions such as Museum of Failures (HeK, Basel) and Non-conformist Futures (Jeu de Paume, Paris), DISNOVATION.ORG questions humans’ relationship with technology through the prism of the useless, the unfinished and the dysfunctional. The group has carried out a host of research residences, including at Irvine university (California), the Catholic university of Leuven and more recently Paris 8 University. It works closely with researchers and philosophers specialising in issues relating to subjects as varied as the surveillance society, hacktivism and energy transition. DISNOVATION.ORG also prioritises a didactic approach, producing “toolkits” based on key concepts that are explained using videos, posters or “serious games”. 

Since 2018, DISNOVATION.ORG has been working on Post-Growth, a long-term transmedia project that explores the ecological and social issues underpinning the current environmental crisis. Against the tide of a strictly economic interpretation of our activities and interactions with our ecosystem, Post-Growth comprises several installations that question the notion of energy and its accumulation. Energy Slave Tokens consists of bitumen weights that measure the differential between the energy used by some humans and the amount of work required to produce it at the other end of the production chain. 

Solar Share (The Farm), another element of the piece, is a system for growing fully artificial wheat. The required quantity of light, wind and water, monitored live, enables the user to measure the excessive quantity of energy needed to produce a few crumbs of bread, in the absence of natural elements that usually play the role of “free” energy suppliers. 

  • 2012


    DISNOVATION.org founded by Nicolas Maigret and Maria Roszkowska

  • 2015


    Publication of The Pirate Book, an anthology of media piracy

  • 2020


    A Bestiary of the Anthropocene lists the hybrid creatures of the post-technological era

  • 2020


    The exhibition Post Growth is held in Belgium, France and the United States

The Institut français and the DISNOVATION.ORG collective

The work Predictive Art Bot, by DISNOVATION.ORG, is presented in the exhibition Escape, voyage to the heart of digital cultures.

Initiated by the Institut français, the Escape exhibition, a journey to the heart of digital cultures will be presented in establishments of the cultural network (French Institutes, Alliances Françaises, etc.) or partner establishments and events (cultural venues, fairs, exhibitions, etc.), from November 2021. 

Members of the diplomatic network can find information on how to schedule this exhibition here.

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