When you listen to music, there can be a siren that passes by and just sticks in your head. I wanted to highlight sounds, as if I were a conductor of noise.

An unusual artist who refuses to follow rules, in just a few years Jacques has established himself as one of the major figures in the contemporary French music scene, thanks to his hypnotic electro and pop music.

Updated on 17/06/2019

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Originally from Strasbourg, Jacques moved to Paris at the age of 18 where he organised parties in squats with his group Pain Surprises. He first formed the electro-pop group Amour Versus in 2010, before going solo in 2013. After two EPs (Tout est magnifique in 2014 and Dans la radio in 2016), Jacques released his first album, A Lot of Jacques, composed live in front of his Internet fans in just a few hours.

In 2018, he returns with an unusual project, Sapiens Talks Jacques, a music-free album, made up of texts and stories: the artist gives listeners the keys to better understanding his universe, where " things you think are ugly can, together, produce something beautiful. Everything has great potential.”

Jacques is known for his “transversal techno” which blends sound produced on a synthesizer and sounds from his environment. After composing with organic noises (rain, fire, etc.) found in internet sound banks, he gradually turned towards sounds of everyday objects: a comb, a car horn or an ashtray. Jacques seeks to obscure the source of the sound and to prompt the listener to wonder whether the sounds come from the song or their surroundings.

The performer explained in an interview for Soul Kitchen that his approach is less about "making music with noises" than "understanding how you make music".

After the success in France of the song "Dans la radio" – the video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube – Jacques decides to make 7 other international versions of it. He adapted his song in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Esperanto and English. It also exists in global version, mixing all of these languages.

On stage, both in France and abroad – notably at The Great Escape festival in the UK in 2015 and the Eurosonic Festival in the Netherlands, at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and Wallifornia MusicTech in Belgium in 2017 – Jacques improvises.

Armed with his synthesizers and any objects that come to hand, including objects provided by the audience, he composes pieces live. Because he sees music as a way to express what he feels in the moment. Beyond the stage, improvisation is also, for him, a philosophy of life.

Dans la radio by Jacques
Dans la radio by Jacques
  • 2010


    Jacques arrives in Paris and founds the Pain Surprises collective, with which he will organise parties in squats such as Point G or l’Amour.

  • 2014


    Jacques releases his first EP, Tout est magnifique.

  • 2015


    Jacques and Alexandre Gain draw up a plan for National Vortex Research Centre.

  • 2016


    Jacques releases his second EP, Dans la radio. The eponymous song is recorded in English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Esperanto.

  • 2017


    In just a few hours, Jacques composes his first live album, A Lot of Jacques.

The Institut français and the artist

In 2018, Jacques toured internationally with the support of the Institut français.

L'institut français, LAB