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Laurence Yared

All my design is underpinned by the idea of performance and spectacle. I always want things to be unpredictable and therefore alive.

Set designer, designer, visual artist and "interior graphic artist", Laurence Yared develops collaborations and protean works at the intersection of Art and Design. 

Updated on 15/09/2021

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Laurence Yared graduated from the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré in 2011. During her last year of study, she co-founded the Après Vous studio with Nathalie La Hargue. Together, they design and produce a range of interactive installations for cultural spaces including the Centre Pompidou, the Gaîté Lyrique, the Saint-Étienne Design Biennale, the Domaine de Chamarande, the Conciergerie de Paris and the Espace Pierre Cardin. 

She has worked with agencies including Hopscotch, Clémence Farrel and Marianne Guely, as well as with the Pierre Di Sciullo studio, for whom she combines graphic design with interactive scenography, for exhibitions of varied nature and scale. 

In 2016 she also founded the wallpaper publishing house "À rebrousse poil", whose modular wall furnishings allow users to transform their interiors. 

Laurence Yared's work is underpinned by the idea of performance and spectacle. From her earliest practice, she has advanced towards a highly spatial approach to graphic design, in the manner of an installation. As a scenographer for museum exhibitions, she uses interactive devices that invite spectators to become actors within her creation. 

In addition to collaborations with major museums in France, Laurence Yared has also created several "living graphic design" performances, based on singular materials that react to the environment and interact with nature. Wind, heat and weather all play a part in her work, as actors in their own right, allowing the creator to forge a dialogue between art and design. 

In 2021, Laurence Yared became one of the first residents of the Villa Al Qamar, in Deir El Qamar. Born into a Lebanese family, this young woman is reconnecting with the country of her origins. 

During this long-term residency she will be producing Resurgences, a polymorphic and evolving work around architectural ornaments and remains that have vanished, rendered to dust or debris after tragic events, such as in Deir El Qamar and Chouf. This approach has led to an installation where the public are asked to take part in creating the work, bringing their own stories, ornaments, dust and rubble. 

  • 2014


    "1914, Varengeville se souvient" exhibition, in collaboration with the town council and the inhabitants of the village.

  • 2016


    Creation of the "À rebrousse poil" range.

  • 2019


    Design and production of the scenography for the exhibition "Revoir Notre-Dame", at the Ministry of Culture as part of the Heritage Days.

  • 2021


    Residency at Villa Al Qamar.

The Institut français and the artist

Laurence Yared is in residency at Villa Al Qamar, in Lebanon, since April 2021. The Villa Al Qamar is a multidisciplinary artistic residency programme run by the Institut français in Lebanon and supported by the Institut français’ "La Fabrique des résidences" programme. 

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