Lola Gruber

I am interested in misunderstanding, the way you think about things while saying the exact opposite.

Film and theatre enthusiast Lola Gruber sees literature as a screen through which readers can project themselves. In order to better understand human relations, her works explore all the subtleties that can exist in everyday words.

Updated on 28/01/2020

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Born in 1972 in Paris, Lola Gruber first pursued film studies. Once a bookseller, she learned theatrical staging at the Higher Institute of Arts in Brussels.

In 2005, she published Douze histoires d'amour à faire soi-même (Twelve Do It Yourself Love Stories) with Les Petits Matins in which she discussed what would become one of her favourite themes: romantic relationships. Captivated by her writing, Patrick Poivre d'Arvor made her a favourite in his literary show "Place aux livres" (“The Book Place”) as did Agnès Léglise in Guillaume Durand's "Campus". Now well-known to the general public, Lola Gruber reaches a wide audience with her first novel, Les Pingouins dans la jungle (The Penguins in the Jungle), which appeared in 2009.

The writer is also a dramaturgy advisor at the Athénée-Louis Jouvet Theatre.

Since writing her short story collection Douze histoires d'amour à faire soi-même (2005), Lola Gruber has put human relationships at the centre of her work. With a distinctive tone of her own, she brings to our attention stories of hearts and bodies that separate, which the reader can easily identify with.

With the story of Ana and Maurice, who have been in love for 15 years, Les Pingouins dans la jungle tells the story of feelings through the passage of time. The author doesn't shy away from these issues by expressing the doubts of a young woman at a time in her life when she is questioning her own identity.

After six years of research, Lola Gruber is publishing her second novel in 2019, Trois concerts (Three Concerts), a plunge into the elite world of classical music.

Commended unanimously in the press, Trois concerts received the Pelléas Prize for Classical Radio, the Alain Spiess Prize and the AFD World Literature Prize. The latter prize was awarded, in the words of the jury, for literature capable of "telling the story of the world" and for the way in which the author managed to bring music to life in her words.

In 2020, Lola Gruber wants to make her affection for Hungary a reality by incorporating it into her next novel, Bord de Danube (On the Banks of the Danube). In it, she wants to talk about her family heritage in a book of "psychological espionage" with the action taking place between Moravia, Slovakia and Hungary.


  • 2005


    Her short story collection Douze histoires d'amour à faire soi-même was the highlight of the literary show "Place aux livres".

  • 2009


    Lola Gruber published her first novel, Les Pingouins dans la jungle.

  • 2011


    She began writing Trois concerts, on which she worked for seven years.

  • 2019


    Trois concerts, her second novel, won numerous awards (the Pelléas Prize for Classical Radio, the AFD World Literature Prize and the Alain Speiss Prize).

The Institut français and the project

Winner of an Institut français Stendhal Residency, Lola Gruber will be in Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic in 2020. 

The Stendhal programme allows french authors or authors living in France to travel to a foreign country and work on a writing project related to that country. Learn more about the Stendhal programme


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