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Lucie Antunes

The shows I create espouse a sentiment, whether it is the image of women in society, borderline personality states, or the degradation of bodies.

An eclectic artist, Lucie Antunes creates intense melodies and shows standing at the crossroads of artistic disciplines. Blending music, dance, and theatre, she works on committed stage performances where the digital world meets robotics. 

Published on 04/01/2022

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A musician, performer, artistic director, and director, Lucie Antunes has been passionate about music since childhood. After receiving several conservatory prizes, she studied at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse in Lyon and obtained a Masters degree. Enriched by training that was both classical and contemporary, in 2013 she turned towards pop music and soon shared the stage with Moodoïd, Aquaserge, Susheela Raman, and Yuksek. She very quickly decided to create her own compositions and devise instrumental music suited to the dance floor, where she blurs borders and genres. 

Since 2015, Lucie Antunes has been developing all the staging for her shows and collaborating with performers, musicians, and choreographers. In 2019, her first album, Sergeï, was a big hit showing the power of an inventive world. Two years later she launched a new EP, LNM, confirming all the creativity of a perfectionist artist. 

With her mixture of styles and her need to shake up the norms, Lucie Antunes offers intense melodies coupled with committed visual creations. While she explores new universes with each project, she devises shows relevant to the state of the world and the advancement of our society. In 2014, her first production, Mémoires de femmes (Memories of Women), traced the journeys of five women aged 65 to 90 through compositions for percussion that the artist performed on stage. 

At the crossroads of music, dance, and writing, she once again worked on the place of women nowadays in Moi, comme une autre (Me, like another) in 2016. In collaboration with Marco Suarez-Cifuentes, she played the drums on stage with the resonant metal components inserted into a video projection device. She was on stage two years later in Bascules, evoking borderline personality disorder with Félix Carrelet and Yadh Elyes. Always intrigued by human emotions, Lucie Antunes sensitively explores the fragility of our psychological balance. 

After the release of her first album, Lucie Antunes developed a musical show in collaboration with Collectif Scale, a group of artists created in 2010. The seven musicians came on stage with their musical instruments for an experience involving robotics as much as performance. In this ambitious scenography, she focused on the inevitable meeting between human and machine to invent a new kind of matter and bring forth unprecedented sensations. 

In 2021, Lucie Antunes joined the New Settings programme offered by the Fondation d'entreprise Hermès for the performing arts. Following an international call for projects, her creation, Sergeï Ensemble, was selected at the heart of a programme of French and foreign artists to symbolise the liveliness of the performing arts. Initially supported through production, her project is now going to be promoted from autumn 2021 to spring 2022. 

NEW SETTINGS #11 | Lucie Antunes & Collectif Scale, "Sergeï Ensemble"
NEW SETTINGS #11 | Lucie Antunes & Collectif Scale, "Sergeï Ensemble"
  • 2013


    Lucie Antunes takes part in the residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris and shares the stage with Moodoïd.

  • 2014


    She creates her first show, Mémoires de femmes.

  • 2019


    Her first album, Sergeï, is released.

  • 2021


    LNM, her new EP, announces the impending arrival of a second album.

The Institut français and the artist

Lucie Antunes is a former laureate of the FAIR, which is a partner of the Institut français. 

Her project Sergeï (without the Scale collective) is a proposition of La Collection 2022. La Collection is a programme of the Institut français which aims to match a high-quality French cultural offer with the expectations / needs of the network to feed its programming, while guaranteeing its "lightness" of implementation to facilitate its dissemination. 

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