Maher Beauroy

I realized that music would be the best way for me to show who I am.


Maher Beauroy is a pianist from Martinique whose work is inspired by jazz and Afro-Caribbean music. He is about to release the album Insula II, the second part of a project inspired by Frantz Fanon, the anti-colonialist thinker, as an ode to dialogue between cultures. 

Published on 04/02/2022

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Maher Beauroy was born in Martinique in 1987. He began playing the piano at the age of five and continued his study of classical music at the Academy of Music in Fort de France before being introduced to jazz and contemporary music at SERMAC, the arts school founded by Aimé Césaire. 

At the age of 19, he travels to France where he undertakes further academic study to add to his already solid musical training. 

All these places and encounters will give birth in 2012 to a début EP called Neg'Zagonal that fuses jazz and Caribbean rhythms. 

Two years later he joined the Berklee School of Music in Boston, where he studied further with contemporary jazz stars such as Joanne Brackee and Eddy Gomez. 

He released his début album WASHA! in 2019, continuing his quest to mix genres and influences. 

Maher Beauroy met the French-Algerian musician Redha Benabdallah while studying musicology in Paris. Along with Brazilian percussionist Adriano Tenorio, they created Insula in 2016, in homage to Frantz Fanon, a Martinique psychiatrist and figure of the anti-colonial struggle and anti-racism, which aims to be a bridge between Maghreb music and Caribbean jazz. 

Insula, which brings together jazz piano and oud, the lute of the Arab world, is divided between instrumental passages and spoken texts by Fanon. Fanon's best-known book, Les damnés de la terre, was published in 1961, a few days before his death, with a preface by Jean-Paul Sartre. This collaboration led them to perform in Africa, Asia and Europe. 

The year 2022 will see the release of Insula II, the second part of his work dedicated to Frantz Fanon, an anti-colonialist thinker who was involved in the resistance during the Second World War and then in the Algerian National Liberation Front during the Algerian War. 

Insula II is rich with new musical compositions integrating voices, unpublished texts and Afro-Caribbean instruments, always with a desire to mix modern and traditional writing and African and Caribbean cultures. 

Maher Beauroy - Insula (Official Music Video)
Maher Beauroy - Insula (Official Music Video)
  • 2012


    Releases his first EP "Neg 'Zagonal".

  • 2017


    Awarded the "Performance Division Piano Award" following his studies at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA.

  • 2019


    Releases his first album "Washa! " (Déclic Jazz).

  • 2022


    Releases "Insula II", a continuation of the project of the same name born in 2016.

The Institut français and the artist

Maher Beauroy is an artist support internationally by the Instituts français network. 

His tribute to Frantz Fanon, Insula II, has been presented at Tropiques Atrium in the framework of the Africa2020 Season,  implemented by the Institut français. Visit the Africa2020 Season website 

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