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Marguerite Humeau

I am more interested in creating mysteries and enigmas than giving answers or telling people what to think.

On the frontier between art and speculative design, Marguerite Humeau creates protean works, which unfold in spectacular installations that blend science, fiction and unsolved mysteries. 

Updated on 21/09/2021

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Marguerite Humeau lives and works in London, where she studied at the Royal College of Arts, in the Interaction Design department led by Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby. 

From this forward-looking design method, she has developed a creative process that results in protean works, in dialogue with living forms, past, present and dreamed. On the frontier between science and fiction, she has created a liquid human, resurrected prehistoric animals, reproduced the voice of Cleopatra... 

In ten years of practice and several large-scale exhibitions, she has laid the foundations for a singular, original and dreamlike oeuvre. 

Marguerite Humeau's work is driven by the enigma to be explored, by the imagination and a taste for long creative odysseys, meeting all sorts of specialists. For her work, Humeau collaborates with palaeontologists, zoologists, physicists, explorers... She seeks their advice and even goes to meet them, to collect precious natural elements that she then uses in her work. 

Her research thus becomes an extended period of inspiration, aiming to explore an enigma linked to human existence, without providing a definitive answer. The many stages of production of her works are then delegated to a cohort of technicians and computer scientists. 

The resulting monographic exhibitions are ambitious installations, immersed in a universe of smells, colours and sounds designed specifically for each event – all indicators of an exhaustive creative process. 

It was with her diploma work (Opera of Prehistoric Creatures, 2011), that Marguerite Humeau was first invited to participate in a group exhibition at MoMA in New York, then in Geneva, where art critic and curator Alexandra Midal offered her her first solo exhibition at the Haute École d'Art et de Design (HEAD).

Since then, she has won several international awards, including the British Society of Sculptors Award in 2014. Her work features in the collections of MoMA (New York) and the Lafayette Anticipations Foundation (Paris). It has been exhibited in prestigious institutions such as the Hayward Gallery, the Serpentine Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum (London).

In 2021, she was invited by the Lafayette Anticipations Foundation to develop Surface Horizon, in collaboration with Jean-Marie Appriou. She deploys sculptures and "plant performances" that invite us to think about the worlds to come and to heal our current world.

Marguerite Humeau | Prix Marcel Duchamp 2019 | Exposition | Centre Pompidou
Marguerite Humeau | Prix Marcel Duchamp 2019 | Exposition | Centre Pompidou
  • 2012


    Politique-fiction group exhibition at the Cité du Design in Saint-Etienne.

  • 2014


    British Society of Sculptors Award.

  • 2016


    FOXP2 exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

  • 2017


    Echoes exhibition at Tate Britain, London.

  • 2018


    Birth Canal exhibition at the New Museum, New York.

  • 2021


    Surface Horizon exhibition at the Lafayette Anticipations Foundation, Paris.

The Institut français and the artist

With the support of the Institut français, Marguerite Humeau participates to the Toronto Biennial Of Art 2021, from 25 September to 5 December 2021. 

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