Marine Midy

Water awakens my desire for life and creativity. Through developing an ‘aquartistic’ practice and body of work, I create and play with marine mythology.

Marine Midy’s artistic projects are created in, around and with water. They borrow from dance theatre, puppetry, photography and multimedia creation, building a world which exists at the intersection of these art forms.


Updated on 12/12/2019

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Marine Midy's creations involve different disciplines which she has learned and perfected through education and collaborations. She first worked as a puppeteer at the Théâtre Mouffetard and with the company Plexus Solaire, then with the travelling company Automne 2085. As far as acting goes, this art she learned at ARTA and the Usine Hollander. She further expanded her artistic palette at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque in Châlons-en-Champagne.

Starting at that point, the rest of her career led her to create shows outside official venues. For example, for years Marine Midy has been presenting shows and performances with Terrain Vague in wastelands, window displays, quays, hangars, courtyards, streets, etc: all locations which are conducive to creating conceptual art.



For several years now, Marine Midy has been exploring the artistic possibilities of water. She also presents it in all its mythological and symbolic variety. Recently she has been working on creating a triptych, the AQUAVITAE project, which she began developing in autumn 2018 at an Institut français Custom Residency in Indonesia.

Taking a scientific-artistic approach and inspired by oceanographic exploration, the guiding principle of the triptych is presenting a dreamlike portrait of the ocean on stage. Through an underwater voyage featuring poetic visuals and soundscapes, this work will enrich our understanding of and perspective on this threatened aquatic world.

Through both her career and her creations, Marine Midy seeks to develop a strong, clear visual language which transcends cultural divides. 


Her art is primarily composed of images — video or stills —, sound and sensory experiences. Puppetry and “aquartistic” theatrical devices bypass linguistic boundaries. The range of disciplines is one of the strongest elements of her creations, which she has developed during sojourns abroad, notably during an Erasmus Masters in Art History in Belgium, and above all during performances such as Balloon Chain at the Sudoeste Festival and with the NON GRATA Collective of Estonian artists in Europe and the United States.


The first section of her AQUAVITAE triptych will head out on tour this summer in Val-de-Marne and Indonesia.

  • 2005


    She works with the Terrain Vague Company. For 7 years, she performs in the company's shows in public spaces.

  • 2013


    2013 En Indonésie au World Puppet Carnival, elle découvre et travaille l'art de la marionnette avec la compagnie Automne 2085 de Júlia Kovács et Arnaud Delicata.

  • 2018


    Marine Midy fonde sa compagnie manŒuvres.

  • 2019


    Marine Midy performs in The Border at BIAM 2019. A show by the Autumn 2085 puppet company, with which she has been working since 2013.

The Institut français and the artist

Having received a Custom Residency, Marine Midy stayed in Indonesia to work on her project Aqua Vitae. The show which resulted from her residency will be presented in Indonesia in September 2019, then in France at the Usine Hollander theatre in Choisy-le-Roi in November 2019. Find out more about the Custom Residencies programme

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