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Modou Fata Touré

I want to help young people in difficulty to pick themselves up through the circus, by establishing our craft in Senegal and developing it, for my country.

A Dakar street child saved from danger and insecurity by the circus, Modou Fata Touré founded Sencirk, Senegal’s first circus. The troupe performs in most places around the world, trains young circus artists and helps children experiencing severe social problems.

Published on 07/07/2020

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Born in The Gambia in 1990, at the age of 14 Modou Fata Touré fled mistreatment at a Koranic school and found himself begging on the streets of Dakar. He was saved by the charity Empire des Enfants, which reintegrates children living on the streets. There, he channelled his energy through taekwondo and circus. In 2008, he left for Sweden, where he trained in acrobatics, trapeze and juggling.


Rather than forging a career in Europe, he chose to return to Empire des Enfants, where in 2009 he founded Senegal’s first circus: Sencirk. It is a charity that puts together shows, trains the professional circus artists of the future and provides assistance to children in Dakar suffering from severe social problems.

Having trained in the circus arts between Senegal and Sweden, Touré creates shows that combine African tradition with new European circus culture, in particular through great technical virtuosity and a mix of genres (circus arts, break dancing, gymnastics, etc.). His artistic inspirations are drawn from his experiences. His first show, Chiopite / évolution (2012), tells his story, from the Koranic school to the Empire des Enfants charity which saved him from the streets.

In 2018, Touré began a new chapter in that story with the construction of a permanent circus tent for his company, in Dakar. This pushed him to work differently, no longer creating a series of independent acts, but rather one undivided show based on this venue.

While anchored in Senegalese culture, Touré's performances have a strong global outlook. I'm a man, the troupe’s second show, in December 2013, featured four artists from the Cirque Électrique in Paris. United Africa, created two years later, included artists from all over the continent.

Today, Sencirk tours numerous festivals, both in Africa – Abidjan Intercultural Circus Festival in Abidjan, Rendez-Vous Chez Nous festival in Ouagadougou – and Europe, where the troupe is expected to perform at Circa (Auch), one of the continent’s top circus platforms, in October 2020.

  • 2004


    Modou Fata Touré joins the Empire des Enfants charity, which helps him to re-integrate.

  • 2009


    Sa première troupe, Le Modou Empire Circus, devient Sencirk.

  • 2012


    Touré puts on his first show, Chiopite/évolution, inspired by his experiences.

  • 2018


    Sencirk’s circus tent opens, giving the troupe greater financial independence.

The Institut français and the artist

Sencirk benefits from the support of the Institut  français. The company notably participated in the Dakar-Paris Tandem organized in 2013 for a creation, in Paris, with the Cirque Électrique.

L'institut français, LAB