Morgane Falaize
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Morgane Falaize, president of the Women in Games association, speaks at the Ateliers de l'Institut français

When I saw that Women in Games was recruiting for its board of directors, I knew very quickly that this was what I had to do to participate in improving the industry I work in every day.

Co-founder of the agency Minuit Douze, Morgane Falaize was recently elected president of the association Women in Games, which is dedicated to reducing gender inequalities in the professional video game industry. Members of the association are regularly asked to speak to audiences and partners of the French cultural network abroad. This summer, Morgane Falaize will be speaking at the Ateliers de l'Institut français, a major event offering a genuine moment of exchange and reflection between the French cultural network abroad, the Institut français and its partners. 

Published on 13/07/2022

5 min

Morgane Falaize studied at CELSA in Paris and is a specialist in communication in the video game industry. After working for the giants Ubisoft and Activision, she co-founded the Minuit Douze agency with Sophie d'Almeras in 2011, which focuses on press relations and influencer marketing in the video game industry. In 2021, she was appointed as chairman of the association Women in Games, which works for greater gender diversity in video game companies in France. Taking over from Audrey Leprince, she works in particular on issues of diversity and inclusiveness within a professional environment that remains too often masculine. 

The Women in Games association, founded in 2017, works on several major axes to improve the inclusion and representation of women in video games. It works to make them more visible, by highlighting role models who can serve as inspiration and positive identification for women who wish to enter this professional field, and thus inspire potential candidates. Women in Games also works to support professional development in the sector through training and mentoring. In particular, the association works to raise awareness of gender issues among stakeholders in the sector. In February 2022, Women in Games launched the #Genderswap operation on social networks, which aimed to raise public awareness of the representation and sexualisation of female characters in video games. 

Since its launch in 2017, the Women in Games association that Morgane Falaize now chairs has been the face of the fight for greater diversity in video games. Their work is beginning to bear fruit, since according to the annual SNJV (Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo) survey, only 15% of video game company employees were women in 2018, whereas the figure is currently at 22%. These figures are still modest, but they show a definite progression. Morgane Falaize and Women in Games also work on the issue internationally, through the network of Instituts français. In the UK, the association was a partner of the Women in Games event, and of the Playing their Game - Gender and New Initiatives in Gaming webinar, organised by the Institut français of Sweden and devoted to notions of the male gaze and safe spaces. 

  • 2005


    Graduates from CELSA - École des Hautes Études en sciences de l'information et de la communication.

  • 2009


    Founds the Minuit Douze agency with partner Sophie d'Almeras.

  • 2021


    Morgane Falaize becomes head of the Women in Games association.

  • 2022


    Lecturer at the Gobelins - École de l’image.

The Institut français and the Women in Games association

The Women in Games association regularly takes part in events organized by the French cultural network abroad. 

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