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Rocio Berenguer

Researchers try to understand what is real. I want to go where they dream. The pursuit of an imaginary world opens up uncharted territories.

Rocio Berenguer is a cross-disciplinary artist. She is interested in the major issues and transformations of our world and regularly collaborates with scientists. She is showing her tripartite G5 project (2020) – a show, a performance, and an installation – at CHRONIQUES, the Biennale of Digital Imagination.

Published on 17/12/2020

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Rocio Berenguer was born in Barcelona in 1987. Today she is a playwright, choreographer, actress, director, and dancer, her journey full of contrasts. She left school at 15, worked as a waitress, then became an actress on the Catalan series El Cor de la Ciutat (The Heart of the City). For four years she learned her craft as an actress, took flamenco lessons, and devoted herself to writing that blended theatre and poetry. 

Then she became a nomad. For two years she was involved with the contemporary circus and perfected her flamenco. She created the company Pulso in 2010 and moved to Marseille two years later, where she trained in street arts with FAI-AR, Formation supérieure d’art en espace public (Higher education for art in public spaces). She created the Corps/Non-Lieu choreography (2014) and won 1st place at the Bains Numériques Biennale.

The question of the body is central to Rocio Berenguer’s approach. This body, moulded by behavioural and societal codes, invaded by medicine and technology, is embodied in the Corps/Non-Lieu choreography (2014) which questions the place of the body in the public space. 

In Ergonomics (2018), a choreographic fiction inspired by new marketing strategies and hijacking the discourse of start-ups, she is interested in how the body is mistreated by how we work and move around. The artist explores the threats that weigh on the future of the human species.

The G5 triptych (2020) is a utopia where living and non-living beings are invited to envision coexistence. The hybridisation of different media is one of the unique features of her work, into which she fully integrates new technologies to examine how they change our interpersonal relationships.

Rocio Berenguer’s creations have been shown mainly in France, but also abroad. The work Homeostasis#V2 (2016), a contemporary dance performance in dialogue with artificial intelligence exploring the posthumanist concept of biopower, led to her performing in the Ivory Coast at the Abidjan Rencontres Internationales des Arts Numériques (International meeting of the digital arts). The Iberian influence on her performances can be seen in her reinterpretation of flamenco dancing, notably in Serendipity (2015) which blends traditional flamenco singing and electronic music.

  • 1987


    Rocio Berenguer is born in Barcelona, Spain.

  • 2010


    She sets up her company, Pulso, and is its artistic director.

  • 2012


    She moves to France and trains in street arts with the Formation supérieure d’art en espace public (Higher education for art in public spaces).

  • 2014


    She creates the Corps/Non-Lieu choreography for which she wins 1st prize at the Bains Numériques Biennale.

  • 2020


    Rocio Berenguer is an associated artist at the Théâtre Nouvelle Génération in Lyon, until 2021.

The Institut français and the artist

With the project G5 (2020), Rocio Berenguer is programmed as part of Chroniques, the Biennale of Digital Imagination (taking place from 12 November 2020 to 17 January 2021). The Institut français is a partner of Chroniques with the Focus digital arts and creations. 

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