Taoufiq Izeddiou, On Marche, Marrakech

When I was younger, I was interested in architecture, theatre, I boxed... Then, I needed a new expression, anything. Contemporary dance was everything for me. Quite simply, it just changed my life.

A passionate dancer and experienced choreographer, Taoufiq Izeddiou has made himself an ambassador for contemporary dance in Morocco and abroad.


Updated on 21/02/2019

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Born in Marrakech in 1975, Taoufiq Izeddiou studied architecture before discovering a passion for contemporary dance in 1995. He learned about this discipline in Morocco, through training provided by the Institut Français. One of his teachers, Bernardo Montet, helped him get his foot in the door of the professional world in 1997 by asking him to participate in his creative process at the Tours National Choreographic Centre.

Alongside his activity as a dancer, Taoufiq Izeddiou became involved with choreography in 2000 with 170 steps with the Artists (“170 huit pas avec les artistes”). In 2003, he founded Anania, the first contemporary dance company in Morocco, and "Al Mokhtabar 1", the first contemporary dance training academy in Marrakech. Four years later, he obtained a French state diploma in contemporary dance.

With his imposing stature, Taoufiq Izeddiou is an unusual dancer whose almost palpable energy floods the stage. In 2016, audiences were able to admire his stage presence in On Alert (“En Alerte”), where he performed a thrilling solo, accompanied only by two musicians.

As a choreographer, he works on spirituality and politics, and has created ten pieces, from Fina Kenti (2003) to Rev’Illusion (2013), including Déserts, désires (2006). Many of them are based on group creation processes with Bouchra Ouizguen and Said Aït El Moumen.

In pieces like Aleef (2012), he worked both as an author and performer, thus bringing together creation and performance.

Taoufiq Izzediou is not only one of the leaders of contemporary dance in Morocco, but also a staunch supporter of this discipline on an international scale. He takes his choreography to every corner of the world. After opening the Ouagadougou Festival with one of its first productions, Fina Kenti, in the early 2000s, he appeared at many festivals such as Montpellier Danse, Tanzquartier in Vienna and Transamériques in Canada.

In an effort to develop the influence of contemporary dance in his country, he created the On Marche international festival, which brings together both local artists and companies from all over the world, .

Having run for more than 10 years, the festival brought together, for its 13th edition from 18th to 24th March 2018, Moroccan and Tunisian, as well as French, Belgian and Italian companies. Much of the programme took place outdoors, notably at Jemaa El Fna Square in Marrakech: a way of going to meet the audience.

En Alerte, Steirischer Herbst festival, 2016
En Alerte, Steirischer Herbst festival, 2016
  • 1997


    With the help of the choreographer Bernardo Montet, Taoufiq Izzediou enters the world of professional dance and becomes part of the Tours National Chorographic Centre.

  • 2000


    Taoufiq Izzediou creates his first piece, 170 huit pas avec les artistes.

  • 2003


    With Bouchra Ouizguen and Said Aït El Moumen Taoufiq Izzediou founds Anania, the first contemporary dance company in Morocco.

  • 2005


    Taoufiq Izzediou launches the On Marche festival, which promotes contemporary North African dance internationally.

  • 2017


    Taoufiq Izzediou combines performance and choreography with On Alert, a piece that he performs solo, accompanied by two musicians.

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