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Véronique Caye, 2023 laureate of the Villa Al Qamar

In my work, I always aim for the medium to be dominated by feeling.

The artist Véronique Caye will soon be in residency at the Villa Al Qamar, in the footsteps of the poet Adonis, where she will be developing a video installation project on women and their role in Arab society. Located in the branch of the Institut français in Lebanon in Deir El Qamar, the Villa Al Qamar is supported by the Institut français’ La Fabrique des résidences programme. 

Updated on 08/06/2023

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Véronique Caye is a French director, author and video artist. Having graduated from the Université Paris VIII, in 2011 she studied directing at the Fémis in Paris, before taking part in the Venice Biennale College Theatre project in 2015, under the direction of Romeo Castellucci. She founded the Laboratoire Victor Vérité, which studies the role of images in contemporary and live art. Her work explores the medium of video through several approaches, including performance, set design, video, installation and teaching. Central to her work is the notion of “vera icona” or “the image that becomes truth”, in the words of Paul Ardenne in the artist’s book Horizon Véronique Caye (Editions Hématomes, 2021). That same year, she published Vera Icona, Abécédaire de l'image scène (An Alphabet Book of Stage Image), with a preface by Romeo Castellucci, which explores her relationship with image, namely as it appears on stage or our screens. 

Caye has spent many years working in theatre and has created several shows in France and abroad that explore the medium of video, including Shot at the Ménagerie de Verre (2002), Tokyo Line in Yokohama in 2005, Silenzio at the Centre des Arts d’Enghien (2011), Genius Loci at the Festival d’Avignon in 2011 and Gardien du temple (les suspendues) at the Institut du Monde Arabe (2016). She is currently working on an artistic research project at the intersection of language, performance, video and installation. This gave rise to an initial exhibition at the Analix Forever gallery in 2021, entitled Horizon Véronique Caye, along with two publications. The first, eponymous, book is written by Paul Ardenne and Barbara Polla (Horizon Véronique Caye) and the second, by Caye, takes the form of an alphabet book, Vera-Icona, Abécédaire de l’image scène. In the book, which features a preface by Romeo Castellucci, Caye develops her research through both text and image. 

The various facets of Caye's work are demonstrated by the Laboratoire Victor Vérité, which brings together several associate researchers and artists. She is long-standing expert contributor at the DICRéAM, and a member of the Scène de recherche programme committee at the Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris Saclay since 2022. Now, in 2023, she is embarking on a residency at the Villa Al Qamar, in the footsteps of the poet Adonis . Through the project Les magiciennes, la révolution féminine inspired by the Syrian-Lebanese poet’s Lexique Amoureux (2018), she will work on a performance blending poetry with video, dedicated to women and their central role in Arab society.  Once there, she will meet some of these “sorceresses” as she films a new generation of Lebanese women, artists, poets and intellectuals. These encounters will be recorded in a video journal and will form the source material of a show inspired by Adonis’ texts. 

  • 2011


    Studies at the Fémis.

  • 2015


    Takes part in the College Theatre project with Romeo Castellucci.

  • 2021


    Horizon Véronique Caye, an exhibition and art book.

  • 2023


    Residency at the Villa Al Qamar.

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