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Yoon-Sun Park, author and illustrator, selected for the Pepites internationales 2024

I try to tell a story through situations and drawings rather than words.

Comic book author and illustrator, Yoon-Sun Park explores the world around us and her own memories through personal works that blend intimacy and madness. In L'Incroyable Mademoiselle Bang!, she pursues her interest in Korean traditions with a breathtaking adaptation of a 19th century novel. This comic book has been selected for the Pépites internationales, a programme created in partnership between the Institut français and the Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse in Seine-Saint-Denis in Montreuil (SLPJ) to bring French language and contemporary youth literature to young audiences around the world. 

Updated on 17/04/2024

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Born on 16 June 1980 in Seoul, Yoon-Sun Park first studied visual design for four years at the National University of Seoul before embarking on a career as an illustrator. After working for a magazine, she produced a Korean language collection of short stories, The Night Door is Ajar, for Saï Comics. In 2008, she undertook a writer's residency in Angoulême, where she developed Sous l’eau, l’obscurité, published in 2011, evoking a South Korean child uncomfortable with her life in Seoul. She then began a collaboration with the Misma editions for several books, including L'Aventure de l'homme-chien (2013) and Le Jardin de Mimi (2014). 

In the years that followed, she ventured into self-publishing for the diptych En Korea and En France. From 2016, Yoon-Sun Park published the series of humorous stories Le Club des chats with Misma, the second volume of which was selected for the 2020 Angoulême Festival in the youth category, while also being the subject of an exhibition in the same city. In 2018, she adapted the famous story Hong Kiltong, by Heo Gyun, in which she revisits a classic from her own point of view before releasing L'Incroyable Mademoiselle Bang! five years later, inspired by a short Korean novel from the 19th century. 

With her rounded and humoristic drawing style, Yoon-Sun Park harks back to the Korean comic book tradition. Her collection En Corée reconstructs her own journey with a series of stories and anecdotes, which are all evocations of memories, dispersed in time and space. The author offers a tender, realistic and melancholic view of her childhood, adolescence and young adult life between Korea and France, in a grey washed style that is both readable and intimate. 

With L'Incroyable Mademoiselle Bang!, she continues her exploration of the myths and legends of her native Korea for a graphic adaptation of a 19th century Korean folk tale. Yoon-Sun Park opts for an intentionally childlike drawing style with dynamic colours, inspired by Chinese tradition to deliver an effective and invigorating ode to freedom. Feminist and cheerful in tone, it is a thrilling adventure full of crazy humour that appeals to both young and old. 

Yoon-Sun Park's work has been honoured at various festivals from the beginning. The Angoulême festival gave her a warm welcome with a youth selection for Hong Kiltong in 2019, Le club des chats casse la baraque! in 2020 and Boubou et ses amis in 2023. She was awarded the Fauve jeunesse at the same festival in 2024 for L'Incroyable Mademoiselle Bang!

She has also been selected for the 2024 Pépites internationales in comics with L’Incroyable Mademoiselle Bang!. With this selection of her works, the Institut français invites you to discover the French language through youth literature. The aim is to bring French-speaking and contemporary youth literature to young audiences all over the world. 

  • 2011


    Yoon-Sun Park publishes Sous l’eau, l’obscurité.

  • 2013


    She collaborates with Misma editions for the first time with The Adventure of Dogman.

  • 2016


    She begins the Club des chats series.

  • 2023


    Yoon-Sun Park publishes L'Incroyable Mademoiselle Bang!, selected for the 2024 Pépites internationales in comics.

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