Cie Ktha - Tu es là

5 min

A Chilean tour for the Ktha theatre company and "Tu es là"

Tu es là, the Ktha theatre company's new open-air performance, aims to offer a digression and bring us together for the duration of a story told by two voices. The Institut français supported the Chilean tour of the company’s new performance at the start of 2024 through its IF Export programme. 

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Theatre in the city

Ktha compagnie is a theatre company that specialises in theatre in urban environments. The company performs regularly in public spaces by developing new techniques adapted to each performance and every location where it is staged. Always focused on the text, each creation is built around a particular relationship that builds with the audience, with the aim of bringing spectators into the present moment. Based in Paris and supported by Mairie de Paris, the Île-de-France Region and the Ministry of Culture, ktha operates mainly in France, but also performs regularly elsewhere in the world (Europe, Chile, Brazil, France). 


A modular and scalable device

Tu es là is always performed in two languages, with each of the two actors speaking their native language, one of which is also the one spoken in the country where the performance is taking place. It fits into a circular, electrically self-contained, easy-to-assemble device that adapts easily to all situations, but always in the open air. There, spectators circle around a tripod that supports a large luminous ball, which will gradually descend as the performance progresses, gradually immersing the actors in the dark and spectators in the light. 


History is just a pretext

The title of the performance, Tu es là, is a statement rather than a question. As with every ktha production, it is a question of presence, being in the space and opening a window where another relationship with oneself and others can unfold. The introduction to the performance states from the outset that “telling a story is just a pretext”. Here, the important thing is to build a bubble together out of the chaos and rhythm of the city, a space to gather and inhabit for a few moments that are firmly anchored in the present. Whatever the weather, Tu es là opens a brief digression where only the beginning is pre-written. 


A multilingual performance

Tu es là is a performance by Elvire Beugnot, Cécile Bock, Marie Gosnet, Katherine King, Yann Le Bras, Laetitia Lafforgue, Yukino Narasaki, Lear Packer and Nicolas Vercken, a group where roles are deliberately undefined. After a preview at the Chalon dans la rue festival and several dates in France, Tu es là is now embarking on an international tour that begins in Chile. Designed to be made available in French, Spanish, English or Japanese, each performance is an opportunity for a meeting where languages and stories unfold.