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Akissi, a short film screened internationally by the Institut français

A graphic novel for young children, Akissi is an enduringly popular bestseller. It has recently been adapted into an animation, which is distributed internationally by the Institut français oh his platform IFcinéma

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A prestigious cast

Akissi is the result of an encounter between Marguerite Abouet, who wrote the script based on her own childhood in Abidjan, and the cartoonist Mathieu Sapin, who in recent years has ventured into fields as diverse as political, fantasy and youth comics. To bring the adventures of young Akissi and her white monkey to the screen, Mediatoon also called on Alexandre Coste, director of Roger et ses humains, a web series that has already garnered over 100 million views. 


The adventures of an intrepid young girl

Akissi is a young girl who lives on the West African coast and is not afraid of a challenge. While dreaming of having a little brother or sister, she finally meets Boubou, a mischievous little monkey she finds on her way to the market. With the help of her many friends, Akissi embarks on an incredible series of adventures to help him and adopt him. But her parents still have to be convinced about that. Thus begins an adventure that will take young Akissi further and further, driven by her imagination and good humour. 


A work with a universal message

An ongoing series whose incredible success cannot be denied, Akissi follows the adventures of an independent and resourceful child. A perfect cocktail for young viewers aged four years and over, an age when children become autonomous and develop a whole new relationship with the world and things. Already translated into nine languages, Akissi's animated version offers a brand-new setting to bring its heroine's wonderful adventures to an ever-wider audience. 


Crossing borders

Co-funded by France Télévisions for France and Warner Media for English-speaking Africa, Akissi is produced by Ellipsanime Productions (Les aventures de Tintin, Babar) and Ghwa Productions. The soundtrack is composed by Bibi Tanga, and resounds to the rhythm of Afrobeat and jazz. Translated into many languages with dubbing recorded in Côte d'Ivoire and South Africa (for the English version), Akissi is a refreshing and often hilarious dive into the West African world. 

The Institut français and the work

Akissi is screened internationally by the Institut français. The Institut français offers a catalogue of over 2,500 titles, enabling the French cultural network and its partners to screen French films around the world. Discover IFcinema