Floralia - Sabrina Ratté
Floralia - Sabrina Ratté

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Floralia, a work by Sabrina Ratté presented on IFdigital

Floralia is a series of four videos by Canadian artist Sabrina Ratté. It plunges us into a futuristic plant world, halfway between organic matter and technology. This work is part of the Symbiose selection, produced by HACNUM - the National Network of Hybrid Arts and Digital Cultures, on IFdigital, the Institut français website for French digital creation. 


Dystopian fictions

Born in Quebec City in 1982, Sabrina Ratté has been working for the past ten years in the hinterland between reality and virtuality. Having initially trained in cinema at Concordia University (Montreal) and at Paris VIII, her works are speculative fictions that represent a strangely familiar future. Now based in Marseille, Sabrina Ratté was nominated for the Sobey Award in 2019 and 2020 and works with a broad range of media: analogue video, 3D animation, photography, printing, sculpture, virtual reality and installations. Her first major solo exhibition in France took place in 2022 at the Gaîté Lyrique and attracted significant attention. 


A plant archive room

Floralia is a series of four videos that can be exhibited as an installation or projections, and also includes a large mural and a virtual reality version. The work, whose title refers both to Donna Haraway's essay Staying with the Trouble and to the Roman festival of Floralia, takes the form of an archive room where 3D modelled plants are stored in displays. A dystopian vision of a future where nature has become virtual matter, as well as an ambiguous document of our relationship with our environment. 


A future so familiar

In Floralia, roses, lilacs, hydrangeas and roots are all shimmering synthetic materials that lend themselves to the game of observation and fascination. However, interference regularly twists and distorts this plant universe, which thus seems to be at one with the data and with its progressive corruption. In creating Floralia, Sabrina Ratté was also inspired by the science fiction novel Diaspora (1994) by the Australian author Greg Egan, which describes a vast digital archive preserving all of human knowledge. The result is a world that is both seductive and disturbing: "whether utopian or nightmarish," says Sabrina Ratté, "I fantasise about living in the environments I create." 


A work at the crossroads of different media

Based between Montreal and Marseille, Sabrina Ratté's work has been shown internationally by institutions such as the Laforet Museum (Tokyo), the Centre Pompidou, the Musée National des Beaux-arts du Québec (Quebec), the Thoma Foundation (Santa Fe), the PHI Centre (Montreal), the Whitney Museum of Art (New York), the Chronus Art Center (Shanghai) and the Museum of the Moving Image (New York). Floralia was also presented to the participants of Focus XR, organised by the Institut français, and the work is part of the SYMBIOSE selection offered by the HACNUM network on the IFdigital platform. 

The Institut français and the work

Floralia is a work presented on IFdigital, the website dedicated to French digital creation (digital art, immersive experience, video games, innovative books, cultural education and web creation). 

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