I print, therefore I am
Visual arts

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I print, therefore I am, by Cristina Rosenberg

In I print, therefore I am, illustrator Cristina Rosenberg pays tribute to women who have worked in the printing industry. Committed to the quest for feminism, she has developed an inventive and daring creative project. 

I print, therefore I am © Cristina Rosenberg

A passion for drawing

Born in Argentina in 1987, Cristina Rosenberg lived in Pergamino until she was seventeen. She then moved to Rosario, where she began studying philosophy. Attracted to drawing, she finally decided to go into graphic design, specialising as a freelance illustrator. 

Since 2017, she has run the artisanal printing workshop Capitana with a friend, where she practices risography and typography. She works for artists and designers in the city, but also creates her own works. At the same time, Cristina Rosenberg co-founded the Cuadrilla Feminista art collective, which brings together eighteen graphic designers from the city. 


Feminist creation

In residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts, in Paris, the artist has created the project I print, therefore I am. Visiting Paris in the spring of 2021, the young illustrator wanted to combine design, typography, engraving and printing in this original creation. Through this installation, she wants to highlight the omnipresent role of women in the printing industry. As with her art collective, Cristina Rosenberg evokes the importance of these essential figures, while trying to provoke debate and reflection among the audiences. 


Reviving unrecognised voices

In I print, therefore I am, the illustrator brings to the forefront several female artists and workers who have spent their entire lives in the world of typography and printing. In order to revive them, she brings them back from the depths of history to pay tribute to them and make their voices known. During her stay in Paris, Cristina Rosenberg spent a long time researching historical and environmental elements to document these women's daily lives as accurately as possible. In collaboration with contemporary feminist graphic designers, she creates an experimental setting in order to offer these unknown personalities their dues. 


Conquering Europe

Since its inception, Cristina Rosenberg's work has gained increasing recognition. While she leads audiovisual, comic book and children's art workshops, she regularly exhibits her work in her home town, Rosario. Between the Children's Garden, the Estudio Lapin or the Fun Club, she also participates in seminars for the Rosario Libre University. Her residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris has opened the doors to the European continent. 

The Institut français and the artist

Laureate of the Institut français résidency programme at the Cité internationale des arts, Cristina Rosenberg did her residency in Paris in 2021. 

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