Les Elles des Jeux
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"Les Elles des Jeux" an exhibition for the Cultural Network as part of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

With the “Les Elles des Jeux” exhibition, the National Sports Museum reveals the imposing battle faced by women for a place in the Olympic sun. It traces 130 years of women's sporting struggles and achievements on an immersive journey that highlights the lives of exceptional athletes.

As the Paris 2024 Olympic Games draw near, the Institut français is offering the “Les Elles des Jeux” exhibition to the French cultural network abroad. 


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A place of history and research

Created in 1963, the Musée National du Sport houses collections of more than 45,000 objects and 400,000 documents, tracing the history of sport from its origins to the current day. After several years in Paris, the museum moved to Nice, where it is now located in the Allianz Riviera Stadium. It covers an area of 5,860 m², including 1,200 m² of permanent exhibition and 600 m² of temporary exhibition space. Officially a “Museum de France”, it presents the most beautiful achievements of each generation: the ball from the final of the 1998 World Cup, Marcel Cerdan’s gloves and Marie-José Pérec’s spikes are all on display. 


An exhibition that pays tribute to women

The “Les Elles des Jeux” exhibition, offered by the Musée National du Sport in Nice, aims to show visitors the long journey taken by women to gain the place they deserve in the world of sport. Excluded from the Olympic movement for more than 130 years, the road towards their goal was long and filled with prohibitions and prejudices. Among these many exceptional women, “Les Elles des Jeux” shines a spotlight not just on memorable premieres, but also the iconic athletes who have set the milestones in women’s sporting achievements. 


Telling the story of women and their Olympic battle

Over more than 500 m², the “Les Elles des Jeux” exhibition tells the story of women’s sporting and social evolution. It is based around pioneers such as Alice Milliat, creator of the Women’s World Games in 1922, but also on French and foreign athletes such as Christine Caron, Marie-José Pérec, Laure Manaudou and Clarisse Agbegnenou. Immersive and interactive, the exhibition gives star billing to the Olympic sphere, the first Olympic champions, as well as those who have exemplified themselves in men's events or who have had to fight major battles to be recognised. 


Looking ahead to the 2024 Olympic Games

The “Les Elles des Jeux” exhibition is organised around the Olympic Games, which will be held in Paris in 2024. This is the first time that gender parity in such a competition will be fully ensured since 50% of the 10,500 athletes attending, originating from 206 countries, are expected to be women. 

Open from 8 November 2023 to 22 September 2024, the exhibition is recognised as a “Cultural Olympiad” event and continues to place the Musée National du Sport at the centre of the Olympic programme. In order to make the event resonate all over the world, the Institut français, in conjunction with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and Paris 2024, wishes to support the establishments of the French cultural network abroad in their actions to promote and celebrate the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Institut français is therefore offering tools to help with cultural programming and contributes to the dissemination of offers or actions by French cultural operators in connection with Paris 2024. The “Les Elles des Jeux” exhibition is thus made available to the French cultural network abroad for presentation worldwide. 

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