Madrid Noir
Digital creation

5 min

"Madrid Noir", a virtual reality experience by No Ghost

Madrid Noir is a virtual reality experience that plunges us into Madrid in the 1930s. We take on the role of a young woman who sets off in search of a mysterious uncle. 

This work is part of the Institut français' VR Selection, which enables the French cultural network abroad to showcase the creativity and diversity of French works in virtual reality. 

© Atlas V

A truly interactive theatre

Madrid Noir is a forty-five minute interactive drama that plunges players into the 1930s through a breathless investigation that takes them all over the Spanish capital. In this theatre that folds and unfolds across two different eras, we play the role of Lola, who sets off in search of a mysterious uncle with whom she spent a memorable summer as a child. Madrid Noir is a headphone experience that plays with the codes of the "roman noir", offering a mischievous version suitable for a wide audience. 


In search of a mysterious uncle

After the disappearance of her uncle, whom she had lost sight of, a disillusioned young woman arrives in Madrid to clear out her flat. Digging into her own memories, she remembers seeing him acting more and more mysteriously. Lola decides to delve into the past to try to find him, and finally unravel the mystery surrounding this singular character. Staged like a theatrical production, the investigation unfolds in a city that is both charming and disturbing, and allows the player to experience the story in the first person. 


New interactive writing

Madrid Noir is the brainchild of James A. Castillo. Castillo, a Madrid-born author who has been working in the field of immersive writing for almost a decade. Supported by a team made up of Lawrence Bennett and Lydia Rynne, the scriptwriters benefited from the expertise of the teams at the No Ghost studio and the Atlas V production company. Particular care was taken with the dubbing, to make the characters as believable as possible: Lola and her uncle are played by Belgian-Congolese actress Godeliv Van Den Brandt and Fernando Guillén Cuervo respectively. 


A gateway to VR

Madrid Noir is the result of a collaboration between studio No Ghost, which is specialised in interactive narratives since 2015, and Atlas V, one of the most recognised players in the field of immersive fiction. Since 2019, Madrid Noir has won Emmy awards and has been screened at numerous festivals, including Tribeca, Annecy, Cannes XR, the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma de Montréal and the Kaohsiung Film Festival. Praised by critics and professionals alike, it's an ideal first approach to immersive fiction, which is both easy to handle and tells a universal story. 

MADRID NOIR - Official Launch Trailer