No Reality Now, de Vincent Dupont et Charles Ayats
Digital creation

5 min

No Reality Now by Vincent Dupont and Charles Ayats

Both a dance show and a virtual reality experience, No Reality Now is an ambitious artistic proposition, exploring the notions of ritual and the transition from life to death. The work has benefited from the Ministry of Culture's Chimères programme and is presented on IFdigital, the French digital creation site

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An interdisciplinary project

No Reality Now is a interdisciplinary work, halfway between dance and new technologies, calling on multiple trades that are sometimes working in combination for the first time. The story begins with a meeting between Vincent Dupont and Charles Ayats during the Chimères residency, at Le Lieu Unique in Nantes. The former is a choreographer, the latter is an interactive experience designer. With No Reality Now, they are tackling an ambitious project together, the creation of a show that is fully realised in VR and accessible to a wide audience. 


The stage and its double

No Reality Now is an experience that happens both on stage and through a virtual reality headset. This means that spectators can choose to wear or remove the headset at any time, whenever they want and throughout the performance. On stage, the dancers are fitted with motion sensors, and their duplicate appears as an avatar as soon as you look at them through headsets that are designed to look like theatre binoculars. While the theme of splitting into two is central in No Reality Now, it unfolds on stage through patterns that also evoke the metaphor of passage and death. 


Inventing a new language

The process of creating and producing No Reality Now was achieved using a novel approach, where work with the dancers on stage took place in parallel with the creation of a virtual universe. From VR headsets to sound design to create the spectral voices of avatars, and stage design to create a dual space that always works in parallel – every aspect of the show has been developed and iterated in parallel. This meeting between digital and live performance has brought together the best artists and specialists in the field, particularly in the area of audience mediation, to guarantee an immersive but above all accessible experience. 


Passage Rituals

An augmented version of Vincent Dupont's Souffles (2010), No Reality Now is a play with three characters, Death, the Deceased and the Shaman, dealing with the mysteries of life and death. A beneficiary of France 2030, this experience produced by Dark Euphoria and J'y pense souvent (...) is now starting a tour that will take in various locations at the Némo Biennale, Le Lieu Unique (Nantes), the Biennale Chroniques, and the Octobre Numérique festival (Arles). An opportunity for audiences to discover, for forty-five minutes, a fascinating ritual that unfolds between stage and screen.