Paul Sanchez est revenu

2 min

Paul Sanchez Is Back! by Patricia Mazuy

In her latest feature film released in July 2018, Patricia Mazuy immerses us in a thriller with touches of a black farce in which Marion, a young 25-year-old police officer, sets off alone in search of Paul Sanchez, a criminal who has been missing for 10 years and has been spotted in the Var department.

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From the HEC Business School to art cinema

Born in 1960, Patricia Mazuy studied at HEC Business School before going into cinema after a decisive meeting with Agnès Varda, which resulted in her role as editor for Sans toit ni Loi (Without Roof or Rule).

Patricia Mazuy’s first feature film Peaux de Vaches (Thick Skinned) won critical acclaim and was nominated for the César de la Meilleure première œuvre (Caesar for Best First Work) in 1990. In a 30-year career, Patricia Mazuy has produced a impressive body of work from TV movies to a documentary, and five art films, of which Paul Sanchez Is Back! is the latest.


When drama raises a smile

For almost two hours, the viewer witnesses the intriguing hunt for a man known as Paul Sanchez, who ten years ago had made headlines by brutally murdering his entire family. He then disappeared and vanished without ever facing justice.

Bored by the monotony of her daily life, Marion, a young recruit in the local police force, very zealous and a bit awkward, embarks alone on a dramatic pursuit after this supposedly bloody psychopath, played intriguingly by Laurent Laffite.


A portrait of the Var

Far from the shimmering views and unbearable suspense, Patricia Mazuy also offers the audience authenticity in Paul Sanchez Is Back! : the director takes a realistic look at the daily life of the local police force and does not flinch in showing the slightly dull or even morose boredom of the southern region around Roquebrune-sur-Argens in the Var.


At the crossroads of styles

A work that cannot be categorised, Paul Sanchez Is Back! is original because it brings together diverse styles. In a careful balancing act, Patricia Mazuy uses a conventional thriller storyline — the return of a criminal on the run — to develop a complex work composed of dramatic monologues, western-style duels and black comedy scenes.

Paul Sanchez est revenu !
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