Le cri

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The Scream by the Nacera Belaza company

In a close-knit duo, the choreography of Nacera Belaza continues the quest for an internal path between emptiness and incarnation, shamanic rhythms and incantations.

© Agathe Poupeney

Choreography between two continents

Born in Médéa, Algeria, Nacera Belaza arrived in France at the age of five. After studying modern literature at the University of Reims, self-taught she set up her own dance company in 1989. She has since created numerous choreographies — more than 20 to date — and has also raised awareness by getting involved in artistic performance and training in her home country. This multiculturalism informs her works and makes them unique.


Two identical silhouettes

Wearing identical clothing, Nacera Belaza and her sister Dalila Belaza merge in a minimalist dance, almost on the spot, made up of synchronised and repetitive movements that accelerate and amplify as the music changes.

This rhythmic and hypnotic act, which appeals to the audience's senses and spirit, releases the scream in unison prompted by our rejected impulses and by our need for spirituality.


Between the void and the absolute

For The Scream, Nacera Belaza was inspired by the swaying movements of traditional Algerian and Egyptian dancers. The choreography thus re-establishes the spiritual communion between dancers and audience. By developing a simple and sensitive frame that fills the void and creates osmosis, The Scream seeks to “bring the spectator into a state of contemplation, as if in front of the ocean,” explains Nacera Belaza.


A universal ritual

The Scream, recipient of the Prix de la révélation chorégraphique de l’année 2008 (2008 Choreographic Revelation of the Year Award) from the Association of Theatre, Music and Dance Critics, has been performed at numerous choreographic events in France, Europe, North America, North Africa and Australia. Its roots in traditional and popular culture give it a universality which recognises world cultures.

The Institut français and the project

In 2019 the US tour of The Scream is supported by the French Institute, in partnership with the City of Paris.

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