France Danse, création contemporaine
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The Institut français promotes French culture internationally, in dialogue with foreign cultures. It promotes initiatives related to various artistic fields, intellectual engagement, cultural and social innovation, and linguistic cooperation. It promotes the French language around the world, as well as the mobility of works of art, artists and ideas.

The Institut français is the public institution responsible for the international cultural actions of France, under the supervision of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture.


The Institut français in Paris works with the 131 cultural services of the French embassies, and the 98 Institut français headquarters with their 138 branches throughout the world (under the authority of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs) as well as the 27 French Research Institutes abroad (under the aegis of the MEAE and the CNRS).


It also collaborates with the 850 Alliances françaises (locally-governed associations) set up in 134 countries and linked by the Alliance Française Foundation in Paris.