AIF 2020
Our commitments

in response to the key challenges of the 21st century

The Institut français is making commitments in response to the key challenges of the 21st century.

The Institut français is committed to ecological transition

The goal to become carbon neutral by 2050, set by the Paris Agreement, requires a rapid reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing emissions by 80% demands collective and coordinated action. Climate protection – an extremely complex issue without an easy solution yet clearly urgent – is a central concern for the Institut français. 

The Institut français has adopted a roadmap with a view to rethinking the ways in which it operates as much as possible and helping to raise awareness for all. 

Cultural action outside France, particularly international artistic exchanges and dialogue between cultures and civil societies, is essential in creating new levels of awareness and new forms of cooperation between states, in a world transformed by the current environmental and energy crises.

The Institut français is committed to gender equality

Gender equality is a government priority, particularly with regard to:

  • the prevention of and fight against sexist and sexual violence;
  • professional equality and economic autonomy for women;
  • access to health, social and political rights;
  • the establishment of a culture of equality for young people
  • the place of women in the media, culture and sport
  • gender equality in the territories;
  • feminist diplomacy.

Institut français policy in favour of gender equality is in line with the international strategy of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Equality Roadmap of the Ministry of Culture, its two supervisory ministries.

As an operator of France’s external cultural action at the crossroads of cultural and international issues, the Institut français wishes to contribute to the advancement of equality among women within the Institute and through the implementation of dedicated actions in conjunction with its French and international partners. Having been strongly committed to supporting this issue for several years, the Institut français is now formalising its roadmap for gender equality, in order to be exemplary in this area and a visible player in the government’s equality policy.

A CSR governance committee created on 14 February 2022 within the Institut français oversees the implementation of the roadmap, under the authority of the President of the Institut français. A gender equality officer represents the Institut français in the various working bodies on the subject and a CSR officer within the Human Resources Department coordinates actions relating to internal management.