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Performance live de Luar Maria à la Cité internationale des arts (2020)
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49 new laureates for the Institut français / Cité Internationale des Arts residency programme


Following the call for applications published in autumn 2022, 49 laureates of 36 different nationalities have been selected for a residency between April 2023 and April 2024. 

Updated on 09/02/2023

5 min

The Institut français / Cité Internationale des Arts programme is aimed at foreign artists who wish to develop a research and creation project in Paris. These artists are supported by one or more cultural partners who may be institutions of the French cultural network abroad and/or French and foreign organisations (art centres, associations, galleries, theatres, venues, etc.). 

The selected artists will be provided with a residential studio for a period of three or six months. The Institut français, in collaboration with the Cité Internationale des Arts, will also provide support to allow the laureates of the programme to expand their professional network, while encouraging collaboration with the French cultural and artistic scene. 

The laureates

  • Tapsoba Abass - Burkina Faso - Theatre (Compagnie Les Heures Paniques)
  • Rawia Abdullah Ba Hareith - United Arab Emirates - Cinema (SCAC of the French Embassy in UAE)
  • Achille Adonon - Benin - Visual Arts (Institut français of Benin)
  • Ishola Akpo - Benin - Visual Arts (Institut français of Benin)
  • Mustapha Akrim - Morocco - Visual Arts (Institut français of Morocco)
  • Sulayman Al Bassam - Kuwait - Theatre (Institut français in Kuwait)
  • Mohamed Allam - Egypt - Digital Creation (Institut français of Egypt)
  • Anthony Almendarez - United States - Visual Arts (Dos Mares)
  • Soline Asselin - Canada - Literature (SCAC of the Consulate General of France in Quebec)
  • Inara Bagirova - Ukraine - Visual Arts (Institut français of Ukraine)
  • Peter Baran - Slovakia - Design, Graphics (Institut français of Slovakia)
  • Rehaf Batniji - Jerusalem-Palestinian Territories - Photography (Institut français of Jerusalem)
  • Erenik Beqiri - Albania - Cinema (SCAC Albania)
  • Chloe Brenan - Ireland - Visual Arts (Temple Bar Gallery + Studios)
  • Joana Carro - Spain - Literature (Fulgencio Pimentel)
  • Isabel Cordovil - Portugal - Visual Arts (Uma Lulik Gallery)
  • Débora Dianga Mbembo Justancia - Gabon - Cinema (Institut français of Gabon)
  • Elizabeth Donli Zainab - Nigeria - Music (Institut français of Nigeria)
  • Aly Eissa - Egypt - Music (Institut français of Egypt)
  • Rehab Eldalil - Egypt - Photography (Institut français of Egypt)
  • Laetitia El Hakim - Lebanon - Multidisciplinary (Institut français of Lebanon)
  • Alexandre Garcia - Senegal - Dance (Institut français of Senegal in Dakar)
  • Danah Garii - Saudi Arabia - Music (French Embassy in Saudi Arabia)
  • Zahraa Ghandour - Iraq - Cinema (Institut français of Iraq in Baghdad)
  • Hasan Hujairi - Bahrain - Multidisciplinary (Alliance Française Bahrain)
  • Lucia Lihuel Gonzalez - Argentina - Visual Arts (UADE)
  • Hania Luthufi - Sri Lanka - Music (SCAC French Embassy in Sri Lanka And Maldives)
  • Sabine Mendy - Senegal - Street Arts, Circus (Now Association)
  • Dia Mrad - Lebanon - Photography (Institut français of Lebanon)
  • Koushna Navabi - United Kingdom - Visual Arts (Institut français of the United Kingdom)
  • Ibrahima Niassy - Senegal - Dance (IF Saint-Louis Senegal)
  • Mohsen Othman - Egypt - Photography (Institut français of Egypt)
  • Cecilia Porras Sáenz - Guatemala - Visual Arts (Central American Association (ACA))
  • Fazal Rizvi - Pakistan - Dance (SCAC French Embassy in Pakistan)
  • Matthew Schembri - Malta - Literature (SCAC Malta)
  • Veronika Šikulová - Slovakia - Literature (Institut français of Slovakia)
  • Vanessa Singenzia - Romania - Arts And Crafts (Institut français of Romania)
  • Sabina Suru - Romania - Digital Creation (Institut français of Romania)
  • Ahmed Taigue - Chad - Dance (Institut français of Chad)
  • Marie Tuckova - Czech Republic - Multidisciplinary (Institut français of Prague)
  • Kat Válastur - Germany - Dance (Institut français Berlin)
  • Eva Vaslamatzi - Greece - Exhibition Curation (Institut français of Greece)
  • Roshni Vyam - India - Literature (Institut français in India)
  • Adam Wilkie-Dove - United Kingdom - Music (Institut français of the United Kingdom)
  • Ali Zaaray - Egypt - Photography (Institut français of Egypt)
  • Saul Zaks - Denmark - Music (SNYK)


In addition, the programme will welcome some twenty additional laureates selected in the framework of prizes and partnerships, including: 

  • Florencia Martinez Aysa - Visual Arts - Uruguay (Cézanne Prize)
  • Igor Mauricio - Visual Arts - Brazil (Alliance Française De Florianópolis Prize)
  • Romy Pocztaruk - Visual Arts - Brazil (Alliance Française de Rio de Janeiro, Alliance Française de Porto Alegre, Fondation Iberê Camargo)
  • Isaac Ruiz Velazco - Visual Arts - Peru (Pasaporte Para Un Artista)
  • Braque Prize - Visual Arts - Argentina (tba)
  • Matisse Prize - Visual Arts - Paraguay (tba)
  • PAIR Award - Visual Arts - India (tba)
  • AIR Artists in Residence in Paris Programme (Chishima Foundation / Villa Kujoyama / Kyoto Art Center) - Japan (tba) 

The commission

The commission was held on Thursday 19 January 2023. 

It was chaired by Chloé Fricout, head of the Residencies Department of the Institut français and composed of: 



  • Marine Demailly, Project Manager at the sub-directorate of Culture and Media



  • Nicolas Vergneau, in charge of residency policy, third-party creation spaces, and exchange programmes to support creation.



  • Bénédicte Alliot, Director General
  • Laura Gérard, coordinator, resident & subscriber relations



  • Marc Vaudey, Director of the Creation Department



  • Emma Buttin, general coordinator of the Villa Albertine residencies



  • Sandra Neuveut, Director



  • Pascal Yonet, Director



  • Jérôme Cotinet-Alphaize, exhibition curator



  • Agnès Alfandari, Director of Mobilities and International Events
  • Gaëlle Massicot Bitty, Head of the Music and Performing Arts Department
  • Lucie Brechette, Project Manager, Residencies Department, in charge of the IF x CIA programme
  • Céline Bodin, Project Manager in the Residencies Department


The committee took into account the following evaluation criteria: 

  • Professional background of the candidate
  • Quality of the project and envisaged working protocol
  • Project links with Paris and the French arts scene
  • Partner opinion, its financial commitment and the prospects for supporting the project on return from the residency. 

It also paid attention to the overall balance of the final selection (geographical areas and parity).


Next call for applications: autumn 2023

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