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Mes Parents - Yohanne Lamoulère
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TNB and FITS : International collaboration in the service of artistic creation

The Institut français, the City of Rennes and Rennes Métropole share the objective of developing the international profile of the region's cultural operators via their renewed partnership agreement for 2021-2023. To promote the excellence of the Théâtre National de Bretagne, the City of Rennes, Rennes Métropole and the Institut français are supporting cooperation between the TNB - Théâtre National de Bretagne - directed by Arthur Nauzyciel - and the Sibiu International Theatre Festival - FITS. 

Updated on 03/07/2023

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TNB: European Centre for the Theatrical and Choreographic Arts

The Théâtre National de Bretagne - TNB - in its current form is the fruit of a long history that began in Rennes with the founding of the Centre Dramatique de l'Ouest in 1949. In 1990, the TNB was born from the merger of the Comédie de l'Ouest, which succeeded the Centre Dramatique de l'Ouest in 1957, and the Maison de la Culture de Rennes, opened in 1968. As a Centre Dramatique National (National Centre for the Dramatic Arts), the TNB is committed to creation, dissemination and training. Since 2017, it has been directed by actor and director Arthur Nauzyciel. His "Partager, Transmettre, Rencontrer” (Share, Transmit, Encounter) project is deeply rooted in the Breton region and involves 27 artists. The TNB is a creative hub that attracts national and international artists from all disciplines. A singular national stage, the TNB is also a European Centre for the Theatrical and Choreographic Arts, with a mission extended to dance and music, a festival, a cinema and an École Supérieure d'Art Dramatique (Drama School). At the heart of the theatre, the TNB Drama School has been offering a three-year curriculum for twenty students since 1991. 

The Sibiu International Theatre Festival: a world-renowned artistic celebration

The Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS), founded in 1994 and organised by Sibiu's "Radu Stanca" National Theatre, celebrates its 30th edition this year. For ten days, from 23 June to 2 July 2023, FITS will welcome more than 2,850 artists and guests, with over 60 events spread across various venues such as churches, heritage sites, pubs and theatres. In parallel, the Sibiu Performing Arts Market and, for 2023, the Teatroskop professional forums take place, offering an international platform for artists and performers to exchange, collaborate and develop projects. 

"Mes parents", de Mohamed El Khatib
© Yohanne Lamoulère
"Mes parents", de Mohamed El Khatib

Collaboration between TNB and FITS

The partnership between the Théâtre National de Bretagne (TNB) and the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS) is the result of a long-term artistic collaboration. Artistic coordinator of the Sibiu Festival Vicentiu Rahau was present in Rennes during the TNB Festival in 2021 and offered the TNB carte blanche for the 30th edition. The TNB and the National Theatre of Sibiu are also linked by a European cooperation agreement as part of the Open Houses project, exploring new approaches to European cooperation. 

Programmation carte blanche

Pour 2023 et le 30ème anniversaire du FITS, le Théâtre National de Bretagne à travers sa carte blanche propose une programmation qui permettra au public de découvrir le spectacle "Le Malade imaginaire ou le silence de Molière" dans une mise en scène d’Arthur Nauzyciel et "Mes parents" de Mohamed El Khatib. Ce choix de programmation souligne deux questions que les deux partenaires ont à cœur de porter celle de la transmission et l'insertion professionnelle des jeunes artistes. En effet, le Théâtre National "Radu Stanca National" de Sibiu qui porte le FITS, partage avec le TNB le rattachement d’une formation d'art dramatique à leur établissement. La carte blanche s’étendra à deux projets dans l’espace public également soutenu par Spectacle Vivant Bretagne, de la Compagnie Les Invendus et de la Compagnie Galapiat

"Le Malade imaginaire ou le silence de Molière" 
© Philippe Chancel
"Le Malade imaginaire ou le silence de Molière" - Arthur Nauzyciel

A time of visibility for French public policies in favour of artistic creation

As part of FITS, the Teatroskop network is organising a regional focus on French-speaking performing arts and regional cooperation, bringing together professionals from the Teatroskop zone. 

In addition, French-language artistic proposals, meetings between international and French professionals and round table discussions will be offered. One will focus on the development of regional cooperation in South-East Europe. The second will focus on the French performing arts ecosystem and French public policies to support creative projects from local to international level, with the participation of the City of Rennes' elected representative for culture, who will be able to testify in detail to the commitment to artistic creation in Rennes and its greater urban area. 

The collaboration between the Théâtre National de Bretagne (TNB) and the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS) bears witness to the vitality and richness of the international artistic scene, which the Institut français, the City of Rennes and Rennes Métropole are jointly keen to support. 

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