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Maylis de Kerangal - Les Infusés
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Les Infusés, the Institut français podcast – #1 Maylis de Kerangal

Listen to writer Maylis de Kerangal in the first episode of Les Infusés, the Institut français podcast in partnership with Radio Nova. 

Updated on 22/09/2023

2 min

For the first episode of Les Infusés, we are going to San Francisco, in the United States. It was there that the writer Maylis de Kerangal wrote one of her most famous novels, Naissance d'un pont, awarded the prestigious Prix Médicis in 2010 and sold 180,000 copies. The writer tells us, through memories and anecdotes, how her novel was born from this stay. 

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About "Les Infusés"

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Hosted by Clémentine Spiler, the first season of Les Infusés consists of 10 episodes of around twenty minutes each. Each month a creator will explain us, through the story of a significant experience abroad, why dialogue between cultures and encounters with others remain essential to create. How to discover other visions of the world, question our own certainties is necessary to nourish a work, change a career and mark a life... this is what will tell you the guests of this podcast of the Institut français in partnership with Radio Nova. 

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