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Performance Rêvés – Rêves de Paola Larrama, Cité internationale des arts, Ateliers ouverts : pratiques ralenties du 29 mars 2023.
Performance Rêvés – Rêves de Paola Larrama, Cité internationale
des arts, Ateliers ouverts : pratiques ralenties du 29 mars 2023.

Institut français x Cité internationale des arts residency programme : 45 new winners

The Institut français x Cité internationale des arts programme is aimed at foreign artists wishing to develop a research and creation project in Paris. These artists are supported by one or more cultural partners, which may be institutions from the French cultural network abroad and/or French and foreign structures (art centres, associations, galleries, theatres, venues, etc.).  

A studio flat is made available to the selected artists for a period of three, six or nine months. The Institut français, in conjunction with the Cité internationale des arts, provides support to enable the winners of the programme to expand their professional network, while encouraging collaboration with the Paris and French art scenes.

Updated on 30/01/2024

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Les lauréates & lauréats 

Following the call for applications published in autumn 2023, 45 winners of 34 different nationalities have been selected for residencies between April 2024 and April 2025:  

  • AL ABDULLA Ammam - Qatar - Design (French Institute of Qatar)
  • AL ZORKANY Ayman - Egypt - Comics (French Institute of Egypt)
  • ATTIKI Fann - Democratic Republic of Congo - Books (French Institute of Congo)
  • BALTACI Gökhun - Turkey - Visual arts (French Institute of Turkey in Ankara)
  • BAROUD Racha - Lebanon - Dance (French Institute of Lebanon)
  • BARTOLO Warren - Malta - Books (SCAC of Malta)
  • BHEKA Sibusiso - South Africa - Photography (French Institute of South Africa)
  • BOYADGIAN Benji - Jerusalem, Palestinian Territories - Visual arts (French Institute of Jerusalem)
  • COSTA DIAS Viviane - Brazil - Theatre (Théâtre de l'Opprimé / Théâtre Estelar)
  • CRUNȚEANU Larisa - Romania - Digital creation (French Institute of Romania)
  • EL ABYAD Khadija - Morocco - Visual arts (Institut français du Maroc)
  • ENIOLA Nourou Deen - Benin - Dance (French Institute of Benin)
  • FRANCOVÁ Sylva - Czech Republic - Books (French Institute of Prague)
  • GORLANOVA Kristina - Russia - Visual arts (French Institute of Russia)
  • HABER Charbel - Lebanon - Music (French Institute of Lebanon)
  • HANDOUS Belhassen - Tunisia - Photography (French Institute of Tunisia)
  • JOSEPH Rony - Haiti - Music (LE KALE BE BEAT)
  • KAMEL Karoline - Egypt - Books (French Institute of Egypt)
  • KANCHEVA Ina - Bulgaria - Music (French Institute of Bulgaria)
  • KANELLI Théodora - Greece - Visual arts (French Institute of Greece)
  • KASSAI Didier - Central African Republic - Comics (SCAC de Bangui)
  • KAZIM Hana - United Arab Emirates - Cinema (French Institute of the United Arab Emirates)
  • KHATTAB Noha - Egypt - Street arts (French Institute of Egypt)
  • KHATTAR Estephan - Lebanon - Film (French Institute of Lebanon)
  • LAZAR Edith - Romania - Exhibition curator (French Institute of Romania - Cluj)
  • LÁZARO MATOS Luís - Belgium - Visual arts (French Institute of Portugal)
  • LAZO ROSALES Isabel - Costa Rica - Comics (Alliance Française du Costa Rica)
  • LEE Euna - South Korea - Visual arts (SCAC République de Corée)
  • LOMBA Fernanda - Brazil - Cinema (SCAC Brazil)
  • MAYORGA Céleste - Guatemala - Visual arts (Central American Association)
  • MBAYE Djibril - Senegal - Dance (Institut français du Sénégal à Saint-Louis)
  • MIRAGLIA Sol - Argentina - Visual arts (Françoise pour l'œuvre contemporaine)
  • MOSTAFA Mahmoud - Egypt - Visual arts (French Institute of Egypt)
  • MUKHINA Ada - Germany - Theatre (French Institute of Russia)
  • NASS Saleh - Bahrain - Cinema (Alliance Française de Bahreïn)
  • ORGIL Zolbootuguldur - Mongolia - Visual Arts (Alliance Française d'Oulan-Bator)
  • POUR HOSSEINI Atoosa - Ireland - Visual Arts (Temple Bar Gallery + Studios)
  • ROCHA ITURBIDE Manuel - Mexico - Visual arts (French Institute of Latin America)
  • SOK Éléonore - Cambodia - Books (French Institute of Cambodia)
  • SOLANKI Shakil - South Africa - Visual arts (French Institute of South Africa)
  • SOROUR Ahmer - Egypt - Fashion (French Institute of Egypt)
  • TOFFA Prince - Benin - Visual Arts (French Institute of Benin)
  • TOMŠIČ Neja - Slovenia - Visual Arts (French Institute of Slovenia)
  • VAN LEIJSEN Robin - Netherlands - Visual arts (Françoise pour l'œuvre contemporaine)
  • WITZGALL Norbert - Germany - Visual arts (French Institute of Germany). 


In addition, the programme will welcome around twenty additional winners selected through prizes and partnerships, including : 

  • CABALLERO BIANCHI Florencia - Theatre - Uruguay (Molière Prize)
  • GUAILLAS Freddy - Visual arts - Ecuador (Prix de Paris)
  • IVANOV Philipp - Cinema - Russia (French Institute of Russia)
  • LITINSKAITE Justé - Exhibition curator - Lithuania (Lithuanian Season in France)
  • POCZTARUK Romy - Visual arts - Brazil (Alliance française de Rio de Janeiro, Alliance française de Porto Alegre, Fondation Iberê Camargo)
  • RODRIGUEZ Fátima - Visual arts - Paraguay (Prix Matisse)
  • TISLEVOLL Jonas - Visual arts - Norway (French Prize)
  • TSVETKOVA Olga - Dance - Russia (French Institute of Russia)
  • Prix de l'Alliance française de Florianópolis - Visual arts - Brazil (forthcoming)
  • Braque Prize - Visual Arts - Argentina (coming soon)
  • PAIR Award - Visual Arts - India (forthcoming)
  • Photo Award - Photography - Brazil (coming soon)
  • Partnership Palais de Tokyo / French Institute of China / Choi Foundation - Visual Arts - China (coming soon)
  • AIR Artists in Residence in Paris programme (Chishima Foundation / Villa Kujoyama / Kyoto Art Center) - Japan. 

The commission

The commission met on Tuesday 19 December 2023. 

It was chaired by Chloé Fricout, Head of the Residencies Department at the Institut français and composed of : 


  • Marine Demailly, Project Manager, Sub-Directorate for Culture and Media


  • Nicolas Vergneau, in charge of the policy on residencies, creative third places, and transversal programmes to support creation.


  • Vincent Gonzalvez, Head of Residencies Department 
  • Laura Gérard, Residents & Subscribers Coordinator 


  • Nathalie Streiff, Cannes Project Manager (film expert)
  • Lucie Brechette, Project Manager, Residencies Department
  • Ivane Payen, Project Manager, Residencies Department



  • Emilie Renard, Director of Bétonsalon - art and research centre (expert in the visual arts and curating)
  • Valentin Rodriguez, cultural attaché and deputy director of the French Institute in Cambodia (expert in the visual arts, books and comics)
  • Youmna Saba, singer-songwriter, musician and musicologist (expert in current and jazz music, classical and contemporary music)
  • Julie Vacher, visual artist (expert in visual arts and digital creation)
  • Capucine Vever, visual artist (expert in visual arts and photography)
  • Caterina Zevola, head of performing arts programming at the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles (expert in theatre, dance and street arts).

The committee took the following assessment criteria into account: 

  • Professional background of the applicant
  • Quality of the project and proposed working protocol
  • Link of the project to Paris and the French arts scene
  • Involvement of one or more cultural organisations in the Paris region (for local support).
  • It also paid close attention to the overall balance of the final selection (geographical areas and parity). 


Next call for applications: autumn 2024 (more information to follow) 

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