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Inès Alpha, 3D makeup pioneer, is featured in the Institut français' Unlock selection.

In a society where difference is far from being celebrated and sometimes still tragically stigmatised, my work allows you to step outside.

Artist Inès Alpha has established herself as the world leader in 3D makeup thanks to her filters with shimmering colours and undulating shapes. The Institut français of Nigeria dedicated an exhibition to her in late 2022. 

His Hybrid-ID Instagram filter is now joining the Institut français’ Unlock Selection, a new catalogue of works of French digital creation available for discovery on mobile devices (smartphones/tablets). 

Updated on 11/03/2024

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After a childhood filled with Japanese video games and Final Fantasy, Inès Alpha began studying animation at art school, before embarking on a career in the field of luxury and fashion. Faced with the industry's demands in terms of feminine beauty, she decided to train herself in 3D makeup, giving her greater freedom to imagine atypical looks that are easy to re-appropriate. Unlike traditional makeup, 3D makeup allows users to create animated, sometimes interactive, augmented reality filters. An opportunity for wearers to free themselves of certain physical constraints, but also to reappropriate their face and their relationship with social networks. It is a new approach that focuses on hybridity and self-experimentation. 

Inspired by the seabed and its multi coloured, moving inhabitants, Inès Alpha’s 3D makeup is characterised by bold shapes, defying gravity while following the movements of the body. Iridescent flowers, metal structures, mysterious crystals and plant tentacles fit all faces and serve as both make-up, accessories, jewellery or masks, with no real distinction between the skin and its fully assimilated protuberances. The power of augmented reality, unlike 3D produced in post-production, allows it to adapt to all faces in real time and assume polymorphic identities that are ready to deploy on social networks. It searches for identities and versions of users' selves that change and update according to current fancies, without ever freezing users or directing them to a fixed image of themselves. It is somewhat in the manner of drag queens, another of Inès Alpha’s inspirations. 

Very active on social networks, where she releases her filters that are soon found in all the feeds, Inès Alpha is also increasingly exhibited on the contemporary art circuit, including the Grand Palais Ephémère, Tate Modern and Art Basel. Her work has also recently been presented at the Museu do Amanã (Rio de Janeiro), the Forward Festival (Berlin), the Future Fashion Summit, the Cube Garges, the Teatros del Canal (Madrid), and the Institut français of Nigeria for her debut solo exhibition. Named as one of France's 100 Women of Culture in 2023, Inès Alpha frequently collaborates with the world of fashion, from Prada to Dior, Nike and Burberry. She has also created filters in collaboration with the Rolling Stones, and worked with virtual influencer Lil Miquela and the singer Yelle. 

  • 2017


    Inès Alpha begins working with 3D makeup.

  • 2023


    Participation in the Palais Augmenté 3.

  • 2023


    Exhibition at the Institut français of Nigeria.

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