The Wolves at Their Door (“Les Loups à leur porte”), by Jérémy Fel

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The Wolves at Their Door (“Les Loups à leur porte”), by Jérémy Fel

With The Wolves at Their Door, Jérémy Fel has written a breathless first novel that plunges the reader into the depths of evil. An epic journey between the author's France and Stephen King's America.

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A Novelistic Debut

 Born in Rouen in the 1980s, since adolescence Jérémy Fel has been fascinated by masters of the American novel such as William S. Burroughs, J. D. Salinger and James Ellroy. He began studying letters and philosophy at Le Havre and opened the Terres d’encre bookstore, specialising in fantasy literature.


At the same time, Jérémy Fel began his involvement in the art of writing by pitching short film scripts, before beginning to write short stories. In 2015, he published his first novel, The Wolves at Their Door, a high-voltage book where his fascination with the United States meets the figure of evil.


A choral novel about evil

What connects a young man who saves an abused child, a waitress confronting a painful past and a couple who opens the door of their daily life to a devastating evil? From Europe to the United States, these many diverse fates must face a threat that will gradually bring them together. But what is this danger that will reveal each of them to be both predator and prey?


Jérémy Fel's first novel explores evil through the scattered pieces of a puzzle, in a disturbing atmosphere full of shimmering twists. He brings the reader to every corner of the world, from a forgotten diner in the far corners of Indiana, to the Nantes area, to the rugged fields of Kansas and the high cliffs of England.



Passionate about America

Jérémy Fel has never set foot on American soil: It is through the works of his favourite authors and filmmakers that he has forged a personal imaginary through which he describes his vision of America.


A Faulkner-esque rough country, a mystical David Lynch-like ambience, Fel constructs a tale at the intersection of thriller, fantasy and science-fiction, much like Joyce Carol Oates, whose intricate style he also admires.



An American-style thriller

Hailed unanimously by critics, this French debut author was quickly compared to Stephen King. An honour for this enthusiast of Anglo-Saxon culture who, like the mythical author of Misery and The Shining, infuses a dose of the supernatural into an intense tale of suspense with complex characters.


Recalling the darkest pages of American thrillers, this epic journey set against a backdrop of tangled destinies was awarded the 2016 Thriller TV Series awards for its potential for screen adaptation and translation into foreign languages.

The Institut français and the project

The Wolves at Their Door (“Les Loups à leur porte”) (2015) received Polar en séries Prize in 2016.


This award, given by the French Society of Publishers, the Quais du Polar festival and the Institut français, recognises a mystery novel for its screen-adaptation potential each year.