Alex Lutz

Portraiture is, by far, the medium I have always preferred for my work, from my one-man show to Catherine et Liliane or Guy.

A fan of popular comedy since its beginnings, Alex Lutz has proved that with his subtle writing he can change register and go off the beaten track.  

Updated on 17/01/2020

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Born in Strasbourg in 1978, the son of an insurer and a German teacher, as a child Alex Lutz, struggled to read. Diagnosed as dyslexic, he quickly found his way to fight back: theatre. He took classes at secondary school and in 1996 founded his company, Le Coût de la pomme, where he heads up production.


While appearing in the series Malone on TF1, Alex Lutz was noticed by Sylvie Joly who asked him to write and produce her one-woman show,  La Cerise sur le gâteau (The Icing On The Cake) in 2006, in which he also played a role. A year later, he decided to embark alone into the world of stand-up comedy with Triple Lutz. He then started to land some popular film roles - OSS 117: Rio ne répond plus (OSS 117: Lost In Rio, 2009), Il reste du jambon ? (Bacon on the Side, 2010) or Les Kaïras (Porn in the Hood, 2012). In 2012,  Channel + offered him a role as an office gossip in the comedy show Catherine et Liliane (Catherine and Liliane): a venture that lasted seven years, making him a permanent feature of the French scene. Then thing moved on very quickly: in 2015 he directed his first film, Le Talent de mes amis (My Friends' Talent) and created a sensation with his one-man show, Alex Lutz, in 2016. His career had been launched. 

In everything he does - on stage or on set, in front of or behind a camera - Alex Lutz follows only two rules: move people and make them laugh.


An exemplary mimic, Alex Lutz loves to transform himself, whether as a woman in the hit show Catherine et Liliane, or as a creepy, selfish singer in his fake documentary Guy. An avid fan of comedies and popular shows, the actor pulls out all the stops with his subtle and pointed spirit. From actor to director, he explored the idea of happiness and the resistance of feelings in his first film Le Talent de mes amis in 2015, then with Guy in 2018.

Shown at the closing of Critics' Week in Cannes in 2018, Guy won Alex Lutz two Césars in 2019 for his acting and performing the film's songs composed by Vincent Blanchard and Romain Greffe.


This invitation from Cannes was to win him many positive reviews in the foreign press. These reviews have boosted the film internationally: in the same year Guy has been shown in the United States, Morocco and Quebec.

  • 2008


    Alex Lutz lands his first film role in "Les Femmes de l'ombre" ("Female Agents") by Jean-Paul Salomé.

  • 2012


    "Catherine et Liliane" debuts on Channel + and will run for seven seasons.

  • 2015


    Alex Lutz makes his first feature film, "Le Talent de mes amis".

  • 2016


    The actor receives a Molière Award for Best Humour for his one-man show "Alex Lutz".

  • 2018


    His second film, "Guy", is presented at Cannes and is a success in French cinemas.

  • 2019


    Alex Lutz receives a César for Best Actor for his performance in "Guy".

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