Andrés Jarach

I don’t feel the desire to have someone else say something that I have thought. I like filming people who surprise me.

A prolific documentary maker and in charge of the Smart programme at FIPADOC (the International Festival of Audiovisual Programmes) in Biarritz, Andrés Jarach has been working in the area of interactive writing for many years.

Updated on 18/10/2021

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Born in Argentina, Andrés Jarach is a prolific documentary maker. He has enjoyed success since 2004’s Fumer Tue (Smoking kills), a caustic documentary comedy about a recovering smoker. A frequent collaborator with Arte and France Télévisions, he has made nearly 20 documentaries. El Gaucho (2009) was about Argentine horse-breaker Andrés Retamal, and Tant qu’il y aura de la poussière (2010) was about the division of household labour.

He turned towards new media from 2010 onward, particularly with the series Arte Sporting Club, an interactive platform devoted to the collective memory of football. Since then, he has regularly worked with his friend Gordon on projects combining virtual reality and collaborative media. They have recently created 1,2,3 Bruegel and Condamnés à jouer (Condemned to Play), an interactive experience and a VR film inspired by Children’s Games by Bruegel the Elder.

After starting his career as an assistant director, Andrés Jarach quickly discovered that he wasn’t interested in fiction. He then transitioned to documentaries and right away began mixing registers, as in Fumer tue, which combines real-life recordings and comedy. He soon dived into experimenting with different media and became interested in new technologies very early on.

Each of his films is built around an in-depth search followed by a contemplation of the form, with innovation and the pursuit of interactivity often taking centre stage. Over the last few years, he has been working hard on creating the interactive experience Replay Memories with his long-term partner Gordon. This explores what becomes of our memory on the internet, particularly the fate of archives manipulated by algorithms.

Andrés Jarach has been committed to promoting and distributing digital works for almost a decade. He has been a committee member for the CNC Digital Experience Assistance Fund and the CNC Selective Aid Fund for Documentary Preparation.

In 2019, the International Festival of Audiovisual Programmes (FIPADOC) in Biarritz entrusted him with the programme for Smart, the interactive experience portion of the festival. The 2021 edition is being held on June 12 to 17. Under his responsibility, the Smart Lab strives to support authors and producers at every stage of developing a digital documentary.

1,2,3 BRUEGEL - Teaser
1,2,3 BRUEGEL - Teaser
  • 2004


    Fumer tue, a funny documentary on smoking.

  • 2010


    Arte Sporting Club, his first web-documentary.

  • 2016


    Replay Memories, in collaboration with Gordon.

  • 2018


    1,2,3 Bruegel !, a fun immersive experience inspired by the famous painter.

  • 2019


    Andrés Jarach takes charge of Smart as part of FIPADOC in Biarritz.

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