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Antoine Dole

It’s an important common thread in everyone’s lives to always ask ourselves what connects us to this world and to others through our actions and what we are.

The author of both a novel and a comic book for young people, Antoine Dole has created dark works in which he explores themes such as alienation and solitude. Award-winning violence writing

Published on 23/09/2019

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Born in 1981, Antoine Dole divides his time between two French cities, Chambéry and Paris. Considered pornographic, his first novel Je reviens de mourir (I Have Just Died) (2008), aroused the ire of booksellers who refused to sell it to adolescents, even though they were the book’s intended audience. Despite this, the novelist persists and signs numerous books Laisse brûler (Allow to burn) (2010), K-Cendres (K-Ashes) (2011) and Copy one hundred times (2013) published by Sarbacane.

His autobiographical book Bad Romance, released in June 2010, marks the debut of Antoine Dole in the world of comics. In 2014, he debuted with the publishing house Actes Sud and signed several novels Ce qui ne nous tue pas (Which Did Not Kill Us) (2014), Tout foutre en l’air (Everything Ruined) (2015), Le baiser du mammouth (The Kiss of the Mammoth) (2015) and two albums illustrated by Bruno Salamone: Le monstre du placard existe et je vais vous le prouver ! (The Monster in the Cupboard Exists and I Will Prove it to You!) (2016) and Comment élever le monstre du placard (How to Raise the Monster in the Cupboard) (2018).

Inspired by authors from the 1990s such as Virginie Despentes and Guillaume Dustan, Antoine Dole’s style is sharp and lively; it takes the form of emotionally demanding youth literature which includes references to suicide, solitude and distress.

Although he writes most of his novels under his real name, in 2012 he created an alias, Mr Tan. Under this pseudonym, Antoine Dole brings to life the comic heroine Mortelle Adèle whose adventures are acted out in fifteen albums, with over a million copies sold in France.

Michel Tournier 2015 Youth Award for Mortelle Adèle, and winner of the Jury Prize for Young Readers in 2016 for Konnichiwa Martin! / Hi Hikaru!, special mention from the jury for the first 2017 Friday Award for Naissance des cœurs de pierre (Birth of the Stone Heart)… Antoine Dole has received more than ten awards.

Backed by the success of his numerous works, Antoine Dole’s work is translated throughout the world: his stories are now read in China, Ukraine, Russia, Spain and Italy. 

  • 2008


    His first novel Je reviens de mourir sparks controversy. It is boycotted by booksellers.

  • 2012


    Under the pseudonym Mr Tan, he creates the cartoon character Mortelle Adèle and over one million copies are sold.

  • 2017


    His novel Naissance des cœurs de pierre, published by Actes Sud Junior, receives special mention from the jury for the first Friday Prize.

  • 2018


    With illustrator Vinhnyu he co-signs on his first manga, the 4LIFE series.

  • 2019


    Antoine Dole becomes columnist for Antoine de Caunes and Charline Roux in the POPOPOP cultural radio show on France Inter.

The Institut français and the author

His book Ueno Park (2018) is part of the selection of the Pépites internationales (International Gems) awards by the French Institute and the Montreuil Children's Book Fair. This programme promotes youth literature in French among French learners worldwide. Find out more about the 2019 "Pépites internationales” programme here.  

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