Chloé Jarry

Our job, it’s really to create a reality.

From print to digital, Chloé Jarry is one of those artists who invent new ways of producing cultural content.

Updated on 30/04/2019

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Since her school years, Chloé Jarry has followed a double path. On the one hand, she was guided by her studies of the humanities towards the world of publishing; on the other hand, she took a designer-director course at the Gobelins School where she specialized in multimedia.

Soon, these two paths came together in projects that flood the world of books with the possibilities of the digital. In 2011, she joined the Camera Lucida production society, capping off a decade's experience in multi-media storytelling.

As a producer of New Media, she helps bring together different writing and distribution methods to create innovative, immersive and meaningful experiences.

Centring transfer of knowledge in her work, Chloé Jarry varies the media through which she raises awareness and promotes discovery. The participatory project Spring Missions (“Missions Printemps”), for example, in partnership with Arte and CNRS, explores the possibilities of crowdsourcing: Thanks to a website and a smartphone app, the public contributes to experimental research by collecting data.

In 2017, she continued her exploration work with The Enemy, directed by Karim Ben Khelifa, an experience which confronts users with the different viewpoints of combatants in armed conflicts.

A true architect of transmedia projects, the producer uses these cutting-edge technologies to put users at the centre of pedagogical systems.

It is not uncommon for cross-media projects, due to their size and complexity, to rely on international collaborations. Following Spring Missions, the fruit of a Franco-German exchange, The Enemy is no exception to this rule, being the product of co-production between several French publishers and the Canadian National Film Office.

It is this serious virtual reality game, filmed by the Belgo-Tunisian photojournalist Karim Ben Khelifa and benefiting from the technical expertise of MIT Professor Fox Harrell in Boston, which secures international recognition for Chloé Jarry.

Translated into English, The Enemy has been particularly praised in the English-language press for its social commitment and technological audacity.

Chloé Jarry, Camera Lucida
Chloé Jarry, Camera Lucida
  • 1998


    Chloé Jarry undertakes multimedia designer-director training at the Gobelins School.

  • 2011


    She joins Camera Lucida where she works to develop the cross-media department. As a producer, she ensures that projects are deployed consistently across different channels, and that interactive devices are built around users.

  • 2012


    Spring Missions, posted online by Arte, mobilises users to collect scientific data.

  • 2015


    The PXN association, bringing together new independent media producers, of which Chloé Jarry is one of the founding members, publishes a column encouraging "the digital transformation of French cultural and creative industries” in Le Monde.

  • 2017


    The virtual reality device The Enemy, which highlights, among other things, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is installed at the Institute of the Arab World in Paris.

  • 2018


    Chloé Jarry crée le studio de production Lucid Realities, qui produit notamment Claude Monet, L’obsession des nymphéas, installé au Musée de l’Orangerie.

The Institut français and the producer

The Enemy, produced by Chloé Jarry and Camera Lucida Productions, is presented on culture.vr, a virtual reality platform offered by the Institut français.

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