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Chloé Wary

There are still too few feminine models in sport for little girls to aspire to be like them.

Author, illustrator and graphic designer, Chloé Wary has created a committed universe where she takes inspiration from her own experience but also her observation of the world to describe reality better. Her volumes make for a promising start to her career where female emancipation and dismissal of prejudices feature predominantly.

Updated on 13/10/2020

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Born in 1995 in Chilly-Mazarin, Chloé Wary discovered comic books in her town’s community youth club and arts centre and started drawing them herself in Year 8. Several years later, she decided to become a cartoonist and started a higher education diploma in illustration at the lycée technique d'arts appliqués Auguste Renoir (vocational arts school) in Paris. For her final project, she took an interest in the rights of women in Saudi Arabia in a first work, Conduite interdite (Driving forbidden), published with Steinkis in 2017.

In 2018, she did an artist’s residency at Mazé-Milon to create a comic book on women's football. Influenced by the documentary film by Olivier Babinet, Swagger (2016), she dove back into a world she’d known when she was young and joined the Longjumeau women’s team. There she worked on the material for her second project, Saison des roses (Season of roses), which brought together her teenage experience and her immersion in a sporting environment removed from clichés.

In the ardour of her young age, Chloé Wary’s style stands out due to its energy and thirst for commitment. The liveliness of the line, the balance between the tones and strength of the themes alluded to transcend the author’s exuberant personality, alternating between realism and fiction. From the black and white in Conduite interdite to the omnipresence of colour in Saison des roses, these two works have been able to mix recounting experience and societal study.

Chloé Wary wants to take about women their lives and the combats they lead on a daily basis. Her work is concentrated around characters looking for emancipation, searching for their freedom and to flourish. In Saudi Arabia like in France, she highlights the difficulties of being a woman, exerting their rights and assuming their choices. 

Thanks to Saison des roses, in 2018 Chloé Wary won the “L'illu a la frite” competition, a drawing battle organised at the Point Ephémère in Paris where illustrators go up against each other with a common theme. In the same place she exhibited the whole of the project a few weeks later before presenting it in libraries in Nantes, as well as the comic book festival in Bastia and Femixité in Paris.

She also won a host of awards for Saison des roses, particularly, in 2020, the Artémisia emancipation prize which works to gain visibility for woman comic book writers. At the same time the Angoulême International Comics Festival awarded her the France Télévisions public choice prize whereas the school students at the Lettres et images du sport festival (Sport Images and Literature) gave her the Prix Jeunesse Nouvelle Aquitaine (Youth Prize). Her third volume, Une année avec l'orchestre – Beethov sur Seine (A year with the orchestra – Beethov on Seine), is anticipated in November 2020. It follows what happens behind the scenes of an original production, in immersion with its orchestra, from its beginnings to the final presentation at the Dortmund Konzerthaus in Germany.

  • 2017


    Chloé Wary published Conduite interdite, her final course project, with éditions Steinkis.

  • 2018


    The illustrator did an authors’ residency at Mazé-Milon and exhibited Conduite interdite alongside a dozen other authors in “Une BD si je veux, quand je veux !” (A comic book if I want, when I want).

  • 2019


    Her second volume, Saison des roses, was published by éditions FLBLB and selected for the Prix Révélation ADAGP/Quai des Bulles (ADAGP Revelation Prize).

  • 2020


    She won the Artémisia Emancipation Prize for Saison des roses and published her third volume, Une année avec l'orchestre – Beethov sur Seine, with Steinkis.

The Institut français and the artist

Saison des roses by Chloé Wary is part of the selection at the 2020 Institut Français Pépites Internationales and the Salon du Livre et de la Presse Jeunesse de Montreuil.

This programme promotes French-language children’s literature among French learners around the world. Find out more about Pépites Internationales 2020 ("International Gems”) programme here. 


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