Félix Moati

I found in cinema what I've always sought: fraternity and camaraderie. Without it, I would have lost my way.

Frequently confined to roles portraying sensitive characters, Felix Moati seized the opportunity to go behind the camera to explore a theme close to his heart: masculinity.

Published on 04/02/2020

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The son of Serge Moati, a journalist and film maker and a graduate of the National School of Administration serving on the Court of Auditors, Félix Moati was born in 1990 and landed his first television role at the age of seven with Tendre Piège (Tender Trap, 1996). Even though he was immersed in this environment, he still dreamed of being a footballer or a musician. At secondary school he put together a rock band with his friends, Amok Music Club, taking the role of bass player. With a bachelor's degree in his pocket, he took a literary preparatory class and learned literary Arabic in the hope of one day becoming a spy for the Directorate-General for External Security but eventually ended up in theatre and landed his first film role in LOL by Lisa Azuelos. He then starred in around 15 films, including Télé Gaucho (Television Gaucho, 2013) and À trois on y va (Go on the Count of Three, 2015).


In 2016, Félix Moati followed in his father's footsteps and made his first short film, Après Suzanne (After Suzanne, 2016), then three years later a feature film, Deux Fils (Two Sons, 2019), in which he questions masculinity in a troubled family.

While Félix Moati was discovered thanks to his role in Lisa Azuelos's generational comedy LOL in 2009, he has also tried his hand at the horror film with Livide (Livid, 2011). He was then offered various comedies, where he enjoyed playing sensitive characters: a movie buff in Télé Gaucho (2012), a freed lover in À trois on y va (2015), and a caring brother in Gaspard va au mariage (Gaspard Goes to the Wedding, 2018). While he often appears in family stories, Félix Moati likes to play characters struggling with regret, or the lack of it.


Félix Moati “hates to see himself on screen”. He became a director in 2016 with Après Suzanne, and only likes to talk about what he knows, using Paris as his favoured location.

Nominated twice for a César for Most Promising Actor for Télé Gaucho in 2013 and À trois on y va in 2016, Félix Moati established himself very early on in the French cinematic landscape.


After showing at many independent festivals, his first feature film Deux fils (2019) has been released in Belgium, Brazil and Greece.


Launched onto the international stage and having won over French audiences, Félix Moati has recently landed two roles abroad: in 2019 he can be seen in Resistance by Venezuelan Jonathan Jakubowicz, and in 2020 in The French Dispatch, Wes Anderson's next film, with a prestigious cast including Bill Murray and Frances McDormand.

  • 2009


    Félix Moati lands his first film role in "LOL" by Lisa Azuelos.

  • 2013


    He is nominated for a César for the first time for Most Promising Actor "Télé Gaucho".

  • 2016


    His short film "Après Suzanne" is presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

  • 2018


    The actor is a member of the short films jury at the 10th Arcs Film Festival.

  • 2019


    Félix Moati makes his first feature film, "Deux fils".

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