François Klein

The objective is the audience’s pleasure achieved by interacting with an immersive story where technology is eschewed in favour of emotion.

A daring producer of virtual reality experiences, François Klein offers many avenues for narrative exploration, taking his viewers ever further down the path of interaction.


Published on 12/03/2020

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François Klein studied at the Gobelins school in Paris before moving into film production. From the very beginning he became interested in new technologies applied to cinema through 3D Relief, then in 2015 rediscovered virtual reality. In 2016 he joined DVgroup and helped produce VR experiences such as Alice, the Virtual Reality Play (2017) and Dans La Peau de Thomas Pesquet (Being An Astronaut, 2018).

2018 saw the creation of his company Digital Rise, in collaboration with director Thomas Villepoux. Their ambition? To explore more and more formats and possible narratives. Its core business, as he defines it, is: “To implement the technical and financial means to realise the creators’ artistic vision”.


François Klein stands out for his ambition to revolutionise virtual reality experiences by exploring fields of interaction with the public. Proof of this is Alice, the Virtual Reality Play, the first experience to include in its storytelling an actor whose movements are replicated virtually, in real time, thanks to motion capture. Equipped with headphones, viewers can interact in real time with the three characters the actor plays and whose movements are transposed into the film, thus changing the course of the scenario. In the same way, the Mechanical Souls narrative thread is controlled by artificial intelligence that personalises how the film develops according to the viewer's reactions.

In 2020, François Klein begins the creation of a new format, the Storyliving Entertainment Universe, which integrates augmented reality, physical games, immersive theatre and more augmented reality, and invites the viewer to collaborate throughout the story.


François Klein readily admits this: the fast pace of his travels can be exhausting. The producer spends half his time on the road, presenting his films at festivals — in the United States at South by Southwest in Austin and at Sundance, Utah, and also in Switzerland at the Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF). For him, this is an essential step, as the immersive experience market is still young and requires exposure at major cinema events.

His company Digital Rise launched from the outset on the international scene with co-productions with Asia and Europe. New collaborations with the North American territories will be launched in 2020.


  • 2015


    François Klein conducts his first research and technical experiments in VR filming.

  • 2017


    He publishes his book Réaliser son premier film en réalité virtuelle (Making Your First Film In Virtual Reality) with Générations Numériques.

  • 2017


    He produces Alice the Virtual Reality Play with DVgroup.

  • 2018


    François Klein creates his production company, Digital Rise, for the production of Mechanical Souls.

  • 2019


    He receives the Lumière Award for Best Stereography in a VR Film for Mechanical Souls.

The Institut français and the project

Alice, the Virtual Reality Play, produced by François Klein, is presented on Culturevr.fr, an Institut français platform which offers a panoramic view of cultural innovation in virtual reality.


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