Julie Stephen Chheng

I really like to write stories and create graphic universes, so I try to combine both through books which are artefacts, between paper and the digital.

Julie Stephen Chheng is a new type of explorer. A graphic designer, she works with paper, books and new technologies to discover new forms of storytelling.


Updated on 16/10/2019

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It was at the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, Printed Image division that Julie Stephen Chheng met Étienne Mineur, co-founder of the studio Volumique, with which she now works as an author/designer. Among her publications are the books Poems in Pieces (“Poèmes en pièces”), Village Adventures (“Les Aventures du villages”), Moving Cards and Rain at noon (“La Pluie à midi”).

At the same time, she explores the possibilities of set building, whether through Augmented Reality, (the "Uramado" exposition; a pathway France eMotion, the animated journey (“France eMotion, le voyage animé”) ) or paper (Hermès window displays in Tokyo).

Her creations have also been the subject of both solo (Folded, cut, shifted (“Pliés, Coupés, Décalés”)) and group exhibitions (Reading Machines (“Machines à lire”), 2017).

Julie Stephen Chheng’s first love is paper, a precious material she works in all its forms: cut, folded, printed, in books, maps and even sets. Her second love is the digital, for its infinite, interactive potential. Her works often combine the two, playing on a continuity between paper and digital media.

The book Rain at noon, for example, is complemented by an application where games and animated sequences invite children to immerse themselves in the story.

The artist’s work around the book as an object also prompted her to take an interest in set building. In 2017, she collaborated with the artist Thomas Pons on an augmented reality pathway for the exhibition "Uramado" at the Museum of Hunting and Nature.

A Franco-Chinese artist, Julie Stephen Chheng navigates between Europe and Asia. Her first professional undertaking abroad was developed through the Artist Home Base programme, a residency offered by the Hong Kong Arts Center in China. Much inspired by Japanese poetry and aesthetics, in 2016 she was welcomed for a second residency at Villa Kujoyama, in Japan. The latter experience solidified her international reputation. Since then, she has undertaken a multitude of conferences and projects around the world, like her travelling exhibition "Pliés, Coupés, Décalés".

In 2017, Hermès in Tokyo asked her to do their window displays. In 2018, she took part in the Taipei Book Fair in China.

  • 2013


    Julie Stephen Chheng publishes her first personal works, Poems in Pieces and Village Adventures, at Volumique Editions.

  • 2014


    Julie Stephen Chheng undertakes her first artist residency at the Hong Kong Arts Center in China.

  • 2016


    The artist creates her first travelling exhibition "Pliés, Coupés, Décalés" and participates in the creation of the augmented reality pathway at the exhibition "Uramado" at the Museum of Hunting and Nature.

  • 2017


    Julie Stephen Chheng works with Hermès in Tokyo to decorate their windows with her paper art.

  • 2018


    The artist participates in the creation of the augmented reality pathway "France eMotion, le voyage Animée" for Atout France and the Institut français.

L'Institut français et l'auteur

In 2016 Julie Stephen Chheng spent time at the Villa Kujoyama, a residency for artists in Japan supported by the Institut français. She also contributed to the “France eMotion – The Animated Journey (“France eMotion – Le voyage animé”) exhibition, produced and circulated by the Institut français and Atout France.


Rain at Noon (“La Pluie à midi”) is part of the selection available on futurlivre.fr, a platform that collects and promotes works falling under the umbrella of innovative books.

L'institut français, LAB