Marie Blondiaux

What I like about VR, is the way that very conceptual and abstract things can become reality all of a sudden.

Marie Blondiaux is head of the Red Corner production company, which she has been managing since 2012. The works she produces combine stories and games. Many have received awards at major festivals.

Updated on 13/11/2020

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Marie Blondiaux studied comparative literature, political science and audiovisual law before occupying several different posts in the cultural industry. She started her career in 2008 as a digital heritage development officer at the French Culture ministry, before working at the Centre national du livre, then BBC Worldwide and CAPA Agency.

Marie Blondiaux combined her love of books and digital content at Red Corner, which she joined in 2012 as a producer and director.

Her signature ? Interactive sequences introduced into audiovisual content using video game mechanics. For Marie Blondiaux, using virtual reality is a way to explore science fiction or intangible worlds as in 7 lives directed by Jan Kounen : « We explore what virtual reality is able to do best: succeed in conveying feelings without needing words. » 

The producer works regularly with artists from the one-dimensional world, like literature or comics, as seen in Sens VR adapted from the work by Marc-Antoine Mathieu, which become the first virtual reality game inspired by a graphic novel, the Dernier Gaulois, an interactive comic that unfolds vertically, or MOA in 2020, an augmented reality app adapted from Les Furtifs by Alain Damasio. So many works in which the work carried out with the authors – who build the backstory, i.e. the film’s universe – is essential.

The works produced by Marie Blondiaux have been regularly nominated or received awards in major international festivals, like Sens VR, nominated at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2016, even though American productions dominate the new digital content market.

7 Lives, directed by Jan Kounen, follows the same path : it was awarded the special jury prize at the NewImages Festival, and also received the Fiction prize at the VR Arles Festival in 2019.

  • 2008


    Marie Blondiaux was a digital heritage development officer at the French Culture and Communication ministry.

  • 2012


    She joined the Red Corner production company as a producer and director.

  • 2016


    She produced Sens VR, which was nominated and received awards in major festivals.

  • 2019


    Marie Blondiaux co-produced 7 Lives, a VR film directed by Jan Kounen.

The Institut français and the artist

Works such as Sens VR or 7 lives, produced by Red Corner of which Marie Blondiaux is producer, are presented on culturevr.fr

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Some productions by Marie Blondiaux will be presented to the participants of the Focus digital arts and creations, organized as part of Chroniques, the Biennale of digital imagination (12 November 2020 - 17 January 2021 ). 

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