Pierre Zandrowicz

The most important thing is the immersion. Virtual reality allows the viewer to enter a scene.

A pioneer in the world of immersive audiovisual creation (virtual, augmented or mixed reality), Pierre Zandrowicz follows on from his successes in his capacity as a director and through the specialised production companies that he has co-founded.

Published on 09/10/2019

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After studying sociology, Pierre Zandrowicz began experimenting with making films. His first production studio has incorporated the Premiere Heure audiovisual group and represents its digital production label. Pierre Zandrowicz spent ten years creating clips, advertisements and short films for many brands.

The turning point of VR (virtual reality) came with the launch of Okio-studio in 2014 and Atlas V in 2017, production companies specialising in immersive realities. Since then, Pierre Zandrowicz has dedicated himself to exploring new forms of visual storytelling and has already contributed significantly to the renown of French VR around the world.

Pierre Zandrowicz directed his first virtual reality fiction film, I, Philip, for Arte in 2016; the story of an android who had been implanted with the memory of science fiction author Philip K. Dick. This work allows him to explore all the questions that are asked about virtual reality storytelling: the place of the spectator, the focus of attention in a 360 screen, the place of sound…I, Philip has been a success, being selected at more than 25 festivals and receiving 5 prizes.

As a producer or co-producer, Pierre Zandrowicz is involved in creations that ever year celebrate the world of VR, such as Altération (Alteration) (2017) and Sphères (Spheres) (2018) which won the prize for best virtual reality work at the 2018 edition of the Venice Virtual Reality Cinema Biennial. In 2019, two of the nine films selected at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival were produced by his company: Ayahuasca (2019) and Gloomy Eyes (2019) which won the Cristal for the best virtual reality work.

While Pierre Zandrowicz’s creations and productions benefited from aid for French creations from the National Centre for Cinema and Animated Image (CNC) or Arte, his work quickly aroused international interest, and now enjoys the support of partners such as Oculus, Google, Arte, the BBC, Hulu and Amazon. His production company Atlas V now has offices in Paris and Lyon, as well as in New York and Los Angeles.

And while French VR exports well, it also lends itself to international co-productions: Gloomy Eyes, Atlas V's latest work, is a Franco-Argentine co-production.

  • 2005


    Pierre Zandrowicz co-founds the production company FatCat Films with Antoine Cayrol.

  • 2014


    With Antoine Cayrol and Lorenzo Benedetti, he founds Okio-studio, a production company specialising in virtual reality.

  • 2016


    Launch of his film I, Philip (5 prizes and more than 25 selections).

  • 2017


    Pierre Zandrowicz co-founds ATLAS V, a production company dedicated to AR/VR/MR immersive fiction, with Antoine Cayrol, Arnaud Colinart and Fred Volhuer.

  • 2019


    Gloomy Eyes, directed by Jorge Tereso and Fernando Maldonado and produced by Atlas V, wins the Cristal for best virtual reality work at the Annecy International Film Festival.

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I Philip and Altération, both virtual reality films by Pierre Zandrowicz, are available as part of the mobile and modular programming offer for the French diplomatic network:  CultureVR – La Sélection. Find out more about the CultureVR – La Sélection catalogue here.

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