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Tom Haugomat

I like being able to interpret my image, project what I want in it. I want to leave room for imagination.

In a decade of static and animated illustrations, Tom Haugomat has imposed his style on a wide international audience. The beauty and originality of their minimalist character are universally admired.

Updated on 27/04/2022

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Tom Haugomat is passionate about fixed images — which he creates as a youth illustrator for press and publishing — or animated images — which he devises for his animation films. The narrative potential of drawings fascinated him from a young age. He designed his first short films for Arte with another young cartoonist, Bruno Mangyoku, in 2010 and 2013, while illustrating his first book, Marche ou Rêve (Walk or Dream), published by CMDE (2012).

At 34, Tom Haugomat has adopted a recognisable style, which is minimalist and delicate with few colours: codes that reveal his influences from Japan and science fiction films.

The aesthetics of Tom Haugomat’s creations have elicited some great reviews over the last decade in publications such as Le Monde, XXI magazine and America magazine. His unique attention to perspectives and concern for movement make his brand recognisable. His drawings often represent one or more characters in a state of observation. Tom Haugomat loves optical illusions, where he moves from infinitely small to infinitely large through a play of diptychs and mises en abyme through a particular prism such as a keyhole, a magnifying glass, a window or even a screen.

Tom Haugomat images are universal. Since its release in 2018, his book À travers (Through) has received a special mention in the fiction category at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair (Italy) and the Talking Pictures Awards at the New York Fair (USA). À travers is one of the six literary works selected by the Institut Français pour the Pé internationales 2019 in the 3-7 year-old category: the winner will be announced at the Book Fair for Children and Young People, the largest European event dedicated to youth publishing, between 27 November and 2 December 2019 in Montreuil (France). In the autumn, Tom Haugomat will also be invited to speak by videoconference in French as a Foreign Language classes in the United States.

  • 1985


    The man who would let his graphic subjects breathe "with little colour and reserves of white" is born "in the grey of Paris".

  • 2008


    Tom Haugomat graduates from Gobelins, the School for Images, from the “Design and production of animation films” department.

  • 2010


    With Bruno Mangyoku he co-produces his first short film for Arte, which wins a Jean-François award for a first work at the International Animation Film Festival at Annecy.

  • 2012


    Illustration of his first book Marche ou Rêve published by CMDE.

  • 2019


    Special mention in the Fiction category at the Bologna Youth Book Fair (Italy) for his work À travers published by Thierry Magnier.

The Institut français and the artist

The book À travers (2018) by Tom Haugomat is part of the selection of Pépites internationales (International Gems) 2019 by the Institut français and the Montreuil Youth Book and Press Show. This programme promotes youth literature in French among French learners worldwide. Find out more about the 2019 Pépites internationales programme.

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