© Madame Bovary, oeuvre générée par IA
© Madame Bovary, oeuvre générée par IA

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Creation Africa

Foreign professionals
The Creation Africa program supports African Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) and broadens France's scope of action to new partnerships on the continent.

Thanks to funding from the France Creation Team Fund (FEF Creation) from the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the French Institute is giving shape to the dynamics of transformation of the partnership with the African continent through an ambitious Création Africa program which will be deployed during throughout 2024 and as a future founding member of the GIP responsible for creating the Maison des Mondes Africains – MansA.

The Création Africa program was launched last October with the organization of a forum of the same name dedicated to African ICCs at Gaîté Lyrique, which brought together more than 300 African and French professionals from the sector. This program aims to support, on the ground, the start of the professional journey of creators-entrepreneurs in 16 priority countries on the continent for its first year (the list will soon be extended to new countries). In 2024, 25 countries are admissible to this program.

Création Africa connects African and European ICC actors

The Institut français contributes to the Création Africa program with a project aimed at supporting sectors of the future: digital creation, fashion, audiovisual creation and series, immersive realities, music, etc.

The program includes three main components:

  • support for the French cultural network abroad in the implementation of the policy agenda for the transformation of France's relationship with Africa ;
  • the development of innovative communication, particularly through the deployment of a digital service platform for African cultural entrepreneur ;
  • the organization of activities to support the structuring and development of local cultural sectors.

  Several axes aimed at supporting or initiating synergies between actors by sector, at strengthening structuring events on the African continent, but also at supporting young entrepreneurs towards professionalization will be deployed throughout 2024.

An ambitious work of mapping the development of ICCs in Africa is also underway in order to identify the major continental trends as well as the main actors in the development of the different cultural sectors in Africa.

Several international mobility programs will help to promote the dynamism of ICCs in Africa, to strengthen cultural and economic exchanges between African professionals in the sector and their French and European counterparts and to provide concrete benefits in terms of networking and opportunities. business.

Finally, the Institut français will work in 2024 on the creation of an ambitious digital service platform aimed at making the “France offer” better accessible to African cultural actors and at bringing together an online community